Cup Noodles Museum - Fun, Unique, Inspiring Place to Visit in Osaka

Cup Noodles Museum - Fun, Unique, Inspiring Place to Visit in Osaka

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Osaka is the tourist destination in Japan if you’re a foodie!

Not only is the city known as tenka no daidokoro (“the country’s kitchen”), it's also the birthplace of ramen!

And there is a monument here in Osaka where you can learn about the invention of ramen: CupNoodles Museum.


Wait till you see what's behind these walls!


Why You Should Visit the CupNoodles Museum

1. It’s Free

Japan can be an expensive country to travel in, but the CupNoodles Museum has free admission. And, if you choose to create your own instant ramen (which you definitely should) it’s only 300 yen.

2. It’s Fun

The museum is a great way to spend an afternoon and we had a lot of fun. It’s very interactive and is great for all ages!

3. It’s Unique

Japan has many unique tourist attractions, like the newly opened Unko (poop) Museum, and this is definitely makes it to the top of the list.

4. It’s Inspiring

Keep on reading, and you’ll know what we mean by ‘inspiring’!


The CupNoodles Museum Experience 

Depending on what time of day you visit, check out the My CUPNOODLES Factory first as this is one of the most popular attractions of the museum.

For just 300 yen, you can create your very own instant ramen - both in flavor and cup design!

Buy a ramen container from a vending machine and get creative drawing your unique design on the blank space.

Now, it’s time to decide the flavor! 

  1. Broth: You can select 1 of the 4 soup flavors, from soy sauce, seafood, curry and chili tomato
  2. Toppings: Select 4 of the 12 ingredients. (it’s very tough to choose! Hiyoko-chan Naruto is the cute Nissin chicken printed on kamaboko (processed seafood)


Ramen toppings available at the My CupNoodles Factory at the CupNoodles MuseumWith 5,460 flavor combinations possible, what will you create?


Wait while the cup is being sealed, and ta-dah! Your cup noodles are ready! We were surprised how satisfying it was to see our cup noodles coming out from the factory line.


You original cup ramen sealed and ready to take homeA lightweight and handy way to safely transport your original ramen home!


You’ll be given your instant noodles in a sealed plastic bag, which is very light and easy to carry around as you explore the museum.


The Exhibition of Instant Noodles, CupNoodles Museum OsakaSo many flavors...and not enough time!


The Exhibition of Instant Noodles shows ramen from all around the world. Nissin has produced various kinds of instant noodles according to each nation’s climate and people’s sense of taste. Can you find your favorite one of your own country? 


The Instant Noodles Tunnel, CupNoodles Museum, OsakaOver 70 years of tasty instant ramen


Beginning with Chicken Ramen, the world’s first instant noodles (invented in 1958), Nissin has made almost 800 instant noodle products. In the Instant Noodles Tunnel you can trace their development. 

Have you tried Nissin’s classic Chicken Ramen? We included it in July’s Summer Sampler Pack.


The Hut where Momofuku Ando invented instant noodles (Chicken Ramen) in 1958Where Chicken Ramen was created


If you wondered why we said the CupNoodles Museum was ‘inspiring’, here’s why!

This is a replica of the small wooden hut where Momofuku Ando invented Chicken Ramen, after years of trial and error. It just goes to show that if you have passion and grit, anything is possible!

There are many more attractions at the CupNoodles Museum, including the Chicken Ramen Factory, Cup Noodles Theater, Tasting Room, and so on. Visit the CupNoodles Museum website to find out more.

Do you want to add this fun, unique and inspiring attraction to Japan travel bucket list?

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