8 Popular Stationeries in Japan

8 Popular Stationeries in Japan

Aug 17, 2017 Tags 

Summer vacation (or Winter vacation in countries in the southern hemisphere!) is almost over!!

Did you have fun during the summer/winter vacation?

And did you get some new stationeries to begin the new year with?

In today’s blog, let’s find out which stationeries are famous among Japanese students. 😉

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  • KURU TOGA (uni)  

This is the most famous and popular mechanical/sharp pencil in Japan!!

Can you guess what is special about this cool mechanical/sharp pencil??

The point is….

the mechanical pencil lead will spin automatically when you write and so the lead will continue being sharp!!

Therefore, you can write with a “sharpened” pencil all the time.


 Btw, Kuru Toga is named like this because “Kuru” comes from “Kurukuru”, which means spin, and  “Toga” comes from “Togaru”, which means become sharp.


  • Highlighters

As all of you know, a highlighter is necessary for studying or working!! Those two are some of the most popular highlighters in Japan!!

~ Mildliners (ZEBRA)  

Mildliners might be the most famous highlighter in the world!! The feature of this pen is the color of its ink. It is light/pale color. So, you can easily make stylish notes by using these pens!! And it is also easy to see because it is not so fluorescent. 

Now, they have 15 colours!! Get a full set of 5 new Mildliners in July's Stationery Pack



This is the highlighter which has window in the nib. With this window, you can see your handwriting through it, so you are able to underline only where you want to do so.

PROPUS WINDOW have standard colours and also soft colors (like mildliners)!!

  • Pens

Japan has so many kinds of pens so that I can’t choose which one is my No.1 favourite. When we go to a stationery store, pens are lined up like a wall :)

Can you guess which pens are the most popular in Japan among thousands of pens? Two below are definitely well known pens in Japan and maybe in the world too!!


This is a brilliant pen which we can erase easily. Each pen has a bit of rubber (which plays a role as eraser) at the top of it and if you rub your handwriting, it will disappear.


But remember not to use for your resume or other important documents!!


~ STYLE-FIL (uni)   

This is a pen which we can customize and make our own.

How to make your own pen? You can select the body of the pen and then choose the colour of the refills.

16 colors (0.28mm, 0.38mm. 0.5mm) of pen, 3 colors of ball pen (0.5mm, 0.7mm, 1.0mm), and sharp pen available.


  • PENtONE(Kanmido)

This is pen size item which incorporates 3 kinds of film sticky notes. You can carry sticky notes same as you carry your pens. Don’t you think it’s so great if we can put sticky notes in our pen case??


PENtONE has6types


Moreover, these sticky notes are perforated, so that you can make sticky notes as big or small as you want.

  • Other Stationery


Dot Liner is tape glue which is most popular among students in Japan. It is very useful!! You can glue without staining your hands and paper won’t be wrinkled after you glue it. Also, this tape glue is slim and not too big, so you can carry it in your pen case:)



Dotliner has 11 types!!!


~ Pen Cut (Raymay Fujii)

Pen Cut are scissors which look like a pen!! Have you ever experienced that you need scissors but you don’t have it in your pen case? Pen Cut is for you! You can place it in your pen case and use whenever you have to cut something;)


    5 colors available

Are there any stationery that you see for the first time?

There are tons of stationeries here in Japan! Find your favorite and share with us:)

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