Cute Food Pack - Released in June 2017

Cute Food Pack - Released in June 2017

Aug 02, 2017 Tags 

Cuteness is everywhere, you can find the quality in sweets and ramen too! This Pack was filled with cute characters from Pokemon to Hello Kitty to gudetama. Which one is your favorite?


  1. Pokemon Seafood Noodles
    Cute Pokemon have found their way into the ramen world. Includes 1 of 22 kinds of stickers that features a Pokemon of Sun & Moon series. Which one did you get?
  2. Wanton Noodles
    The pig mascot of Acecook, the manufacturer of this ramen, wears the uniform of a Japanese baseball team, Buffaloes. It includes wantans and makes your belly full.
  3. Chicken Ramen
    Chicken Ramen was the world’s first instant ramen, and its chick (Hiyoko-chan) is probably the most popular mascot in the field of ramen in Japan. Do you want to see Hiyoko-chan more in the future ZenPop boxes?


  1. Koume Gummy
    Koume gummy features the lovely girl named Koume who is in love for somebody. Chew the gummies and the sour-sweet flavor of ume fills up your mouth.
  2. Hello Kitty Biscuit
    How could we ignore Hello Kitty to complete this pack filled with kawaii characters? Don’t hesitate to bite the lovely Kitty-shaped cookies! They are yummy.
  3. Peko-chan’s Kakigori Gummy
    Kakigori is a shaved ice dessert flavored with sweet syrup, and you can enjoy the texture of it with these gummies. If you are curious about Japanese summer festival dessert, visit our blog post about it. Kakigori is also a popular festival food.
  4. Puchi Cocoa Cookies
    There are more than 20 varieties of Puchi, and for this pack we chose cocoa cookies with a cute blue bear on the packaging. What color of bear would you like to see in the future ZenPop boxes?
  5. Gudetama Gum
    Soda-flavored gum with a gudetama sticker. Where did you attach put it? Try not to be affected by his drowsy face:p
  6. Chocobi Melon
    Chocobi is Crayon Shin-chan’s favorite snack, and you can also have it in this real world! Includes 1 of 20 kinds of Shin-chan stickers. Who was lucky enough to get a glittery one?
  7. Mini Strawberry Choco Stars
    These star shaped snacks have a color and taste of strawberry chocolate. Light and refreshing treat for you!