Japan's Best City Snacks

Japan's Best City Snacks

Jun 06, 2019 Tags 

This month our Mix Pack is all about city snacks!

Let’s explore Japan's best city - Osaka - together! There are so many ramenyas and izakayas in interesting neighbourhoods to see, as well as the bustling street food scene of Dōtonbori to experience.

Sample some of the flavors of the city for yourself with July’s City Snacks Ramen + Mix Pack - 2 bowls of authentic Japanese noodles, as well as 6 sweets and snacks.

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Limited-Edition Bonus Gifts

Subscribe to July’s Mix Pack for your bonus limited-edition Japanese summer snacks - matcha choco pie, dark roasted coffee can, citrus cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies.

  • 6 month plan - 3 bonus items (cookies, coffee & choco pie)
  • 3 month plan - 2 bonus items (coffee & choco pie)
  • 1 month plan - 1 bonus item (choco pie)

Order today and use coupon code SUMMERMIX for your bonus snacks!

Seasonal Japanese Snacks

Country Ma'am Amanatsu Cheesecake cookies
The newest seasonal flavor of Japan’s favorite cookies is Citrus Cheesecake! These freezable white and dark chocolate chip cookies have a sweet and juicy amanatsu (citrus) center. It’ll be hard to stop at just one. Luckily, this is a pack of 10 cookies! Freeze first! (Allergens: Wheat, soy, dairy)

Fire Extreme Blend coffee
Canned coffee is a Japanese invention and are available on every corner from a konbini (convenience store) or vending machine. Get fired up with this limited-time Extreme Blend, an aromatic coffee made with 15% dark roast beans. Shake well! (Allergens: Dairy)

Lotte choco pie
This sweet treat is the match(a) made in cake heaven! Enjoy the perfect combo of chocolate, Japan’s finest matcha, soft cake layers and Kuromitsu (Japanese sugar syrup) center. Best served cold! (Allergens: Egg, wheat, dairy and soy)

12 Month Mix Pack Subscription

There are lots of benefits to subscribing for 12 months and you'll get:

  • 10% discount off the your Mix Pack subscription plan
  • All 3 bonus items (cookies, coffee & choco pie)
  • PLUS an extra ZenPop pack (of your choice) - that’s 13 packs for the price of 12!

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