Harry Wood - Hedgehog Cafe in Osaka

Harry Wood - Hedgehog Cafe in Osaka

Feb 14, 2019 Tags 

 "Harry Wood" is the name of a hedgehog cafe that opened a few months ago in Osaka. It isn't the first one of this kind, but not far away from ZenPop's office!

When we heard the news, we were super excited. After all, February's Stationery Pack is dedicated to our love for hedgehogs! 🦔


Why is it called Harry Wood?

The name is a wordplay. In Japanese, a hedgehog is called harinezumi (hari = needle, nezumi = mouse). Because hari sounds like the name Harry pronounced the Japanese way (say "HA-LI"), many hedgehog owners and companies name their hedgehog Harry.

Now try to say "Harry Wood" the Japanese way. What does it sound like? 


Hollywood !! 🤣

The cozy and cute decorations, really gives you the feeling of having entered a forest of hedgehog.


Meeting with Coconut-kun

The cafe lets you stay 30 minutes for 980 yen or 1 hour for 1,880 yen. Get some hedgehog snacks, and your picture taken for a few extra yen. The rules to follow in the café are also in English.

After choosing the time you want to stay, you get a free drink and the staff will lead you to a seat in front of your attributed hedgehog. There are about a dozen hedgehogs, all in a clean little glass cage.

Ours was named Coconut (ココナッツ), and the little guy stole our hearts as soon as we saw him.

ZenPop mascot: "Hi Coconut-kun, I'm Luna-chan"

After several attempts, Luna-chan got her selfie.


Hedgehog Stationery 

We couldn't help showing off some of the cute stationery items from our Hedgehog Garden Pack...

Coconut-kun seemed to find interest in the Harry Collection notebook.

But the staff wasn't impressed. They had their own cool pencil!

We could have spent the whole day there (but we have to pack up the next special pack🌸)


Make sure to visit on your next trip to Osaka!

The cafe is on the 3rd floor and on the second floor is a renowned Japanese teishoku restaurant.

You can access it from Namba or Nipponbashi station. Access information is on their English website

We thank the kind staff of Harry Wood Cafe for the permission to take pictures and upload them here. See their Instagram and Twitter.