Salt & Fruit Pack - Released in June 2018

Salt & Fruit Pack - Released in June 2018

Hi everyone! How are you doing? In Japan, we’ve seen more and more summery flavors in conbini and other stores, like mango, pineapple, and coconut. These summery fruit flavors are nice, but while we enjoy these sweet tastes, we also want salty tastes to bring balance to our palate, right?

So, our June Sweets was "Salt & Fruit Pack" filled with a bunch of sweet and salty treats for everyone to enjoy. First, let us begin with snacks on the sweet side.

In this pack, we had seven fruity candies with different tastes and textures.

Himo-Q Grape & Muscat

“Himo” means a string, and this candy is a 126cm string with which you can play in multiple ways though it’s not long enough to use as a jump rope. Japanese snacks include lots of weird (and fun) candies like this and Weird Syrup DIY Candy also included in this pack.

The name given to this candy, おかしな水あめ (Okashi-na Mizuame), literally means “weird candy”, but what is weird about it? It contains blue, yellow, and red syrups, and when you mix them guessed it right! The color and flavor change. Well, it’s not that weird, but kids will definitely find it fun and exciting. We hope you did too :)


Mochi Apps is another Japanesey candy.


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Under each app is a chewy fruit mochi candy. The candies are dagashi mochi we are familiar with, but the packaging is updated to catch up with the trend of times. How would MeTube taste?!

On drowsy afternoons, you’ll need Suppasugiru Grape & Blueberry Vinegar Candies.

スッパスギール (suppasugiru) means “too sour”, and these are super ultra sour candies that will wake you up instantly. But no matter how sleepy you are, please never eat them all at once because they’re seriously sour.

Cute treats will make your day. Flower Ramune are crunchy ramune candies shaped like flowers.  Pink ones are strawberry-flavored, yellow ones are yuzu. When you’re feeling girly, this is something you’ll be eating.


Other two candies feature two big juice brands in the world, Dole and Welch’s.

Dole Mango Gummies are tiny fresh mango-flavored morsels rich in fiber. It’s nice to put in your stomach when you just want something little between meals.

Welch’s Healthy CUBE Gummies are cube-shaped healthy jellies flavored with world’s famous Welch’s grape juice. The konjac powder contained inside gives it a unique texture. Who is interested in having more of guilt-free treats like these?


We’ve seen seven fruit candies and gummies so far, and we have three more sweet teats before moving on to salty and savory snacks.


Mugi Pon Milk Coffee

Wheat puffs flavored like mildly sweet café au lait. Eat it with milk for your delicious breakfast.


Choco Bar Z is a corn puff bar soaked in rich chocolate sauce. The sweet chocolate flavor and the pleasant crispness are simple but highly addictive. You can dip it into milk too and enjoy a different mouthfeel.


The last one on the sweet side is Brown Sugar Senbei.

Do you know senbei? It’s a traditional Japanese snack usually glazed with soy sauce, but this one is dressed up with brown sugar. Actually, it also has a hint of soy sauce taste, but the sweet and slightly salty flavors are well-balanced to make your taste buds pleased.


Alright! Now let’s bring salty tastes on your palate (*^▽^*)

The first one from the salty side is Cratz Butter Salt because it’s the best choice when we want to excite our tongue which has gone too sweet.

Who can resist drinking beer (or any other bubbly drinks) while crunching this? Because it’s meant to be eaten with alcohol! You’ll be addicted to the savory butter flavor and the crunchy texture.


Next, give your taste buds pungent stimulus with Otona no Otsumami - Wasabi Salt.

This is for adults to enjoy with beer or for anyone who loves the savory crunchiness. Flavored with salt and wasabi powder.


Enjoy savory oceany flavors with Puchi Shrimp Senbei and Nori Shio Potato Sticks. Shrimp Senbei is one of the most popular flavors from Puchi Series, a famous snack brand in Japan. The crispy senbei are infused with umami of shrimp.

When you want even more satisfyingly crispy treats, choose Nori Shio Potato Sticks. The flavor of nori seaweed complements the salty potato taste, the fantastic combination of flavors that is highly addictive.


To bring a perfect balance to your palate, let’s complete the salt & fruit snack party with Sauce Senbei. A slightly sweet milk senbei comes with savory yakisoba sauce.



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