Japanese Stationery Box

Journey Essentials - July 2024

Whether you’re on a spiritual journey or backpacking through Japan, stationery is essential! This set includes on-the-go stationery and tools to document your adventures, like the hybrid mechanical pencil & pen, or mini letter set for making friends or connecting with old ones.


GOKIGEN BAKERY A6 Flatcase From Iroha publishing

A must have travel companion to hold not just pens and postcards, but passports, tickets, polaroids and any useful items or memorabilia. The case is made from semi transparent vinyl so it’s super easy to see the contents while keeping them safe & dry. The design may look like a map at first glance, but it’s actually fruit sandwiches designed by Chiaki Yoneyama because she loves bread! Take it to a bakery on your own travels. Kyoto is the no.1 city for bread consumption in Japan


Memo and Sticky note "Japan" From Hyogensya

Camouflaged as a Japan travel guide, this little book houses memo pads and sticky notes with art by Ai Okino. Just the designs themselves will take you on a Japan round trip, with illustrations depicting Tokyo’s sky tree, Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka, Takayama festival floats and Himeji castle. There are 4x10 notes inside and can be conveniently folded for minimal space usage. Each pad represents the 4 seasons through Japanese customs.


Calme Multifunctional Ballpoint Pen From Pentel

This 3 in 1 pen is almost too good to be true! It’s actually a pen/pencil hybrid, with 2 pen nibs of black & red 0.35mm and a 0.3mm mechanical pencil. It’s super versatile for sketching, note taking and has all you need when you’re on the go. The added grip feels luxurious without looking gaudy, and has that amazing balance of fineness and writing feel. Personally I advise using it on paper with a bit of tooth, but it does well on silky paper too. Release the pencil by pressing the clip part, then give it an extra little squeeze to push out the lead. You can easily refill both lead and pens by opening the pen and pulling out the tubes. The ink in the pen is oil based.


Foil Stamping Masking Tape "Antique Map" From BGM

A super detailed masking tape from BGM with a map design. Take note of the contrast between the sepia tones and the golden emboss. Place names are elegantly displayed in cursive and the roads can connect. If you’re careful, you can lay down tape next to each other to create a large map. The tape is 30mm x 5mm and has a smooth texture to the washi paper. If you’re very careful, you can use the label as a sticker too!


Doing sticker From Mindwave

Finally some stroke-less stickers! These washi stickers are precisely die cut to the designs and come on a non-template sheet allowing you to put stickers on and off if you should change your mind on using it. The stickers come in 2 versions, which one you get in your box is random. One sheet has travel inspired art, and the other contains fashion related art. The bottom sheet has the silhouettes of the stickers that can be used for crafting.


Cheer me up! A5 Notebook From Ryu-Ryu

A notebook designed to boost your motivation. The paper sports lined pages with next to no tooth at all, it’s some of the smoothest paper you’ll write on, and matches well with the oil based pen/pencil that this box comes with. Just like Japanese text is popular aesthetically in the west, so are Roman characters in Japan, hence the English “Let’s do this!” in beautiful emboss. The Japanese on the back of the cover reads“Yattarudee!” and is a Osaka dialect version of the cover.


Mini letter set "Cafe" From Furukawashiko

Don’t dismiss this letter set as simply a regular letter set, this is top quality rakusuishi paper, a type not commonly known outside of Japan. It’s often used for sliding doors and folding screens due to its resilience and compatibility with ink. Take note of the mino style droplet texture of the paper, made with water. Mino washi paper made with a shower to create water droplet texture. This paper is super thin, but bleeds surprisingly little, despite how it soaks up ink. The designs intention is to make sending a letter as casual as taking a walk


Cozy Life Sticker From Mindwave

A transparent vinyl sticker set with a matte surface. The details are designed as ballpoint pen drawings which match very nicely with handwriting, when you place them, it looks like your own drawing. There are 2 types of sticker sheets you could get in the box, one focused on reading and one sheet that has fashion related designs. Mindwave is based in Osaka, close to the ZenPop office!


Donut Mini Clip From Velos

It’s a donut clip. What more do I need to tell you? It’s a great tool to keep your notebook open, especially on the go where a table might not be in your nearest vicinity. It can also be used as a bookmark, or hold varions collectibles like tickets and stickers. There are 4 types of donuts you could get in your box. The flavors are mocha, chocolate, milk & matcha. This item is a hint for next month’s theme, what will it be I wonder?