Japanese Stationery Box

Monochrome Mix - June 2024

This collection of Japanese Stationery was designed to give you a set of essentials that showcase each item's uniqueness without flashy colors or patterns. All the items except the notebook in this box can be kept in the included pouch, and serve as a complete set, with room to add your own items as well! More detail product information ---> https://get.zenpop.jp/2406


A5 Notebook Tsubame x CUBIX Retro design From Tsubame Note

Two established stationery makers came together to create this notebook inspired by retro Japanese designs. The paper is special as it’s specifically designed for writing. They took special care to ensure fountain pen ink doesn’t bleed through. It's a great notebook for storing text you wish to keep as the paper is naturally toned and stores well. If you look at the paper with strong light, you can actually see the lines of the paper screen. The paper’s name is “Fools Paper”


Study Liner From PLUS

A different type of decoration tape that works well as an overlay. Unlike correction tape, it still displays what’s underneath it, thus it’s more like a tactile highlighter. To use it properly, flip open the cap, put the liner in an upright position and pull in a straight line. End the line by lifting it up from the applied area. You can write on it, but it takes longer to absorb ink than paper. The pattern is called gingham check, a Japanese spelling of “Gingham”.


Kept Clear PencaseFrom Raymay Fujii

The popular “Kept” pen case makes it into the ZenPop box! While vinyl pen cases have become commonplace in Japan, the original trendsetter still reigns supreme for its attention to detail. Notice how it’s not flay, but sewn to fit average sized stationery. Since its inception it has featured the mesh design on half of the holder and has kept (pun intended) its high visibility yet stylish design that has been copied many times. It's largely water-resistant.


Oshibana Stickers From Mindwave

A sheet of very detailed die cut vinyl stickers on a transparent sheet. The name oshibana means “dried flowers” referencing how the flower design lay neatly on whatever surface you stick them to. They’re especially easy to place not just thanks to the outlined die cut, but due to how the entire sheet and back sheet is transparent, meaning you don’t even need to remove the stickers to test what they’ll look like. The hard sheet below the stickers is perfect as a writing surface, making this as an excellent bookmark for diary’s on the go.


Jetstream 0.38mm From Mitsubishi pencil

Sharp, light, prefect for writing in style! Writers of all kinds swear to this pen as their go to, always on-body utensil that never fail. We picked a matte marble white color to fit the monochrome theme. Writing with a jetstream really helps you feel every nudge of the paper's texture making it fun to experiment with various surfaces. Test it with the postcard vs the notebook included here! Amy: This is my favorite pen!


Ami sticker/ Simple girl From Mindwave

Simple girl doesn’t overdo it. For simple girl, it’s enough just to exist. Here you’ll find her checking her phone, reading, and just, you know, hanging about somewhere. We love the energy these stickers bring, and the options they give you in projecting your own feelings onto what she’s doing and why. Add speech bubbles, decorate your phone or color her in! There are 10 designs and 40 pieces total!


Spotted Garden Eel EraserFrom Iwako

I mean what do you want me to tell you? It’s a spotted garden eel eraser. It comes in two pieces, the “sand” base and eel. Make sure to erase with the eel first, else it won’t be able to stand anymore. Garden eels live in colonies, peeking up from the sand together, making them look like glittering strands of grass on the ocean floor. They spend most of their life burrowed like this, and can escape tail first into their burrow to avoid danger. Did you know garden eels poop from their belly?


Frixion Waai From Pilot

What’s this? A pen that can be erased?? Finally! Not only does it work, it works well to remove whatever you previously wrote. Do not mistake this pen for a gimmick, it’s very comfortable in the hand and writes softly, a neat alternative to the also included jetstream. The ink color is called mini gray giving your output a smoky look. Don’t try to erase pencil writing with this, it’ll only smear!


GLOO From Kokuyo

Equal part essential stationery, equal part ASMR machine, the GLOO is unsurprisingly for gluing things! This is a glue tape dispenser, using a hexagon pattern to optimize the glue surface. Open the dispenser to the main part and flip it out of its shell. It has a second setting that can be accessed if you press the tiny white button at the “open” setting to access the “2” setting. It has a very satisfying click when opened and feel great in the hand.