Japanese Stationery Box

A very ZenPop Box - May 2024

Real ZenPop stationery is Limited, Japanese and inspiring! The Ninipie Deco highlighter/pen hybrid or the Libre collage washi sticker sheet was selected to make this box as “ZenPop'' as possible! We hope you find a new favorite item in our box this month as well! More detail product information ---> https://get.zenpop.jp/2405


AMIE Memo From World Craft

Elegant memo pad with 3 different designs (25x3 sheets). The color dictates transparency allowing easy layering. Pick the sheet that best fits your mood as the sheets separate individually. The paper has a slight tooth just like a good notepad should, yet still manages to be slightly hydrophobic. Fun fact: Even when dipped in coffee, the color maintain itself quite well.


Ninipie Deco From Sunstar statinoery

Japan got tired of switching between highlighter to pen and just said “screw it” we’re doing both! You may have spotted this viral phenomenon on TikTok but likely not this limited color combination. Usually the highlighter and pen are the same ink color, but we want the special one for you, with different colors. The colors are smokey pink & dark blue. (0.5mm) Did you know? Despite the highlighter's clear color, it runs dry enough to easily write on quickly after use.


Pencil Sharpener T'GAAL From Kutsuwa

Most pencil sharpener just sharpens your pencil. This one not only looks aesthetically pleasing with its 90’s retro clear shell, but allows for 5 different degrees of sharpening! Get the right angle for the perfect stroke by just turning the dial, it can even close completely. It carries your shavings too!


Portable Scissors From Kutsuwa

Tiny but deadly.. No wait, that’s not the vibe we’re going for! You might mistake this for a keychain or necklace in its closed form, but “unzip” the scissor and you’ll find they’re really easy to use due to the flat handle, spring suspension and the razor sharp blades. Did you know: As It comes with a ball chain, you can carry it as a keychain after all!


Libre Collague Sticker From Mindwave

We love mindwave’s stickers because they think of all possible ways you may want to use them. Like a picture frame sticker, but wish you could add your own design inside? No problem, just unstick the frame itself! There’s plenty of tiny details to gush over and yes, they’re made with washi paper. Tip! Especially great sheet for layered designs like collages!


Lifeful Masking Tape Box set From Mindwave

Each ZenPop box comes with 9 items, but this technically bumps us up to 13? We fell in love with the whole pack and added all of them. Each set is different and works especially well with the included HB pencil. ZenPop’s favorite: The lavender white grid design reminds us of a blueprint mesh!


Gleaming Scene Sticker From Mindwave

An elegant seal sheet with transparent background complementing the Libre sticker set as another excellent item for layered designs. The details are as expected from mindwave and all seals are die-cut. Fun fact: You can use the bottom sheet for decor or as a card too!


Pencil HB From Kamio Japan

Japanese HB graphite cores tend to be softer and darker than those found elsewhere in the world, which is why this stylish pencil is a perfect companion to the adjustable sharpener you’ll find in this box. It also happens to work extra well on washi paper and combined with the slight tooth in the notepad, you can really bring out its full potential! PS: This item hints at next month’s theme… Can you guess it?


Zi-Keshi Ojisan From Kutsuwa

No it’s not black magic, this eraser is imbued with iron, and guess what, the tip of the eraser pack comes with a magnet, so you can attract away the shavings for fun controlled disposal. The fact that the magnetized shavings look like hair on the character you pull, is an added bonus. Tip! Flip up the top part to turn “off” the magnet when disposing of the shavings.