Japanese Stationery Box

Sakura Supplies - April 2024

Get ready to infuse your planner with the essence of cherry blossoms with our Sakura-themed stationery collection! As the year gains momentum and the hanami season in Japan grows shorter each year, these charming Sakura supplies offer a delightful way to extend the spirit of spring.


Letter Set Momo-iro Iroiro Dou from Furukawa Shikou

To start our beautiful stationery box, we selected a lovely peach-colored (桃色) letter set from Furukawa Shikou (古川紙工). In this digital world, it’s always nice to take a moment and write something on paper. This is actually made from "Rakusui-shii," (落水紙) a watermarked Japanese paper with a beautiful lace-like water drop pattern. Made of white, elegant, and durable Mino Washi paper, it gives a calm impression to the person who will receive your letter.


Uni ball one P 0.38mm Momo from Mitsubishi Pencil

Perhaps one of our favorite pens at the moment, the Uni-ball One from Mitsubishi Pencil: such a pleasure to write with. It’s a 0.38mm version, with a smooth ink that just glides on paper. Although small, the pen fits well in most hands, and once again, we’ve picked a lovely peach color (もも) to match the season. One of the pen's most enjoyable features is the satisfying click it makes. It feels incredibly gratifying to use!


Clear Tape Special Film Sakura-iro from BGM

Spring-themed (桜) clear tape to celebrate the season. It feels like unrolling a classic film (フィルム) from an analog camera, watching the images materialize in front of you. With scenes from a typical Japanese Spring, this transparent roll from BGM is going to take you on a stroll along the Sakura trees, Hanami parties and more!


4 Designs Memopad Sakura Wagashi from Furukawa Shikou

A cute Memopad that is guaranteed to give you a craving for Japanese wagashi (和菓子). Those traditional Japanese confectioneries are very seasonal, and naturally, we found you all the ones that are popular in Spring like sakura mochi (桜餅) and ichigo daifuku (いちご大福)! This memo pad comes with 4 unique designs, allowing you to use it for notes or cut out the designs for decorations.


Touch Knife R Mauve Pink from OLFA

Something we’ve never had before: a mini cutter with a magnet that is convenient for situations in everyday life, whenever you just want to cut something, such as unpacking cardboard boxes or opening envelopes that are difficult to open. It has a cute retro design and uses trendy pastel mauve pink (モーブピンク), giving it a nostalgic yet new feel. The back side has a magnet, making it very convenient to attach to any metal surface. The blade is made of stainless steel that can be washed with water. OLFA is one of the leading brands known for producing high-quality cutters. We are glad to finally introduce their remarkable products to you!


Guitar Pen Petit 3 Colors Set Pink from Teranishi Kagaku

This water-based color pen is an ultra-fine type with a writing line width of 0.3 mm, making it perfect for everyday use such as notebooks. It's a slim size that can fit in a lot of pen pouches. We selected the 3 shades of pink set (3色セット ピンク) to mark the season!


Message Mini Card Sakura from Tsutsumu

A mini card (ミニカード) with a watercolor illustration decorated with delicate gold leaf. The paper is a little textured and feels lovely to write on; it sure is guaranteed to make for a treasured note. Each set comes with an envelope in a color that matches the card.


Hannari Sakura from MINDWAVE

A lovely sticker set from Mindwave to decorate your notebooks, letters, or more! With a variation of sakura petal patterns, this is quite a beautiful addition to any Sakura lover’s Spring dream!


ex Sakura R from mt

And finally, we have a simple, yet necessary Sakura washi tape for your collection. 15mm wide, it’s perfect for your Spring collages, planners, and more. The pattern is very floral with soft pink hues and makes for cute flowery frames!