Japanese Stationery Box

NekoNeko Box - March 2024

There is no secret Japan loves cats and, well, so do we! Why did we fill a box full of cat stationery? BECAUSE WE CAN! Sometimes you just need to follow your senses to land on your feet. With all the cats here, you should have enough for 9 lives, or at least 9 days, depending on how much you love cats!


Nikki Kimagure A from midori

Yes yes, the cat is amazing, but hear us out, so is the philosophy of this beginners diary! It’s designed in a way that is friendly for people who are looking for something less committal. The word “kimagure” describes someone who’s feelings shift rapidly, much like a cat. If you are a little “kimagure” you likely want to write at your own pace, as little or as much as you want right? Good for you that the book is divided into 4 columns per page. No rigid dates or disorganized notebooks. Just write how you feel on a day to day basis. If you draw a divider at the end of your entries, it’ll be easier to look back to later!


Letter Set Die-cut Neko-gara from midori

Elegant yet adorable letter set for you to create your own mini narratives. The card design is a hand drawn long haired white cat, and the envelope features a pattern that compliments the card, not just with its colors, but also how there’s space for a message on the front. Use it for subverting expectations of greeting cards, or simply for an address. You get 6 cat cards and 3 envelopes ,hopefully enough to express your feelings! If you struggle to think of what to writ there’s always “I <3 cats”


Deco Rush Stretch Neko from PLUS

PLUS’ Iconic tape roller designed for decorators of all kinds. In Japan, you can get these in all kinds of icons as they’re very popular for recording events in calendars & schedules. But for this box, we went with the cat design! It’s a great tool as if used in a notebook, it will not thicken, bleed or warp the page like some stamps do. It’s a compact stylish size and we hope you’ll use it to schedule time for a cat stretch or a trip to your local cat cafe!


Masking Tape Hakuoshi Neko-no-kao from BGM

BGM is the darling company of washi tape collectors in Japan. Thanks to their premium feel and size, they often get their own little spot for special use. This one is no different, a quality BGM through and through. Don’t let the golden accents fool you, the whole tape can be written on, all washi, no plastic here! And at the end of the day, it’s an extremely cute masking tape with cats, there’s not really more to say about it than that. (5 meters long, 20mm width)


3 Pockets Clear-holder A5 Slim Flap-tsuki Neko-gara from midori

The designers at midori have reinvented the wheel, or at least in a figurative sense raelating to the clear folder! Practically speaking, the folder is made so that you can open it on one long side, allowing for easy access to all 3 pockets. However, if you’re worried about small items like tickets or receipts spilling, you can simply open the small pocket on the short side. Aesthetically speaking, the 3 pockets all feature different designs that interplay with their transparency, making the pattern different depending on what and how much you have loaded it with. Amazing for travel, festivals, conventions and events!


Mame-Mame Sticker Neko from MINDWAVE

These cat stickers differ from the ones in the sticker roll also included, in that they are slightly bigger and focus on tactility over discreteness. They have a tactile feeling so you can really connect with the playful cat poses. The sticker sheet dimensions are; height of 175 x Width 90mm, with 53 stickers so the size is great for journals as well as detail decorations.


Blen 0.5 Mint Green from Zebra

Vibrations are the bane of all handwriting and the Blen pen from Zebra is the solution to this all too familiar problem. Writing with this pen feels like driving on new asphalt vs a gravel road, the difference is remarkably noticeable. Most vibrations in pens come from the movement of the core inside the pen. The Blen avoids this with a weighted lower end, direct contact with the tip and an interior that provides suspension through the pen body. This pen isn't just a tool; it's a testament to the harmony of form and function, an ally for those who value precision and elegance in their written expression.


Seal Hakuoshi Gorogoro Neko from NB

The largest cat stickers in this box! These transparent stickers are foil stamped with gold leaf. The cats are just lounging about the sticker sheet, but there’s a lot of detail put into each individual cat. Can you spot the one who looks like it’s apologizing? There are also a plethora of cat types, is your favorite represented? (165 x Width 90mm)


Nemuri Neko Blue Keshigomu from Iwako

This cute cat eraser is not your run of the mill cute eraser you may find elsewhere. It’s made in Japan with Japan produced synthetic rubber, not PVC like cheaper but inefficient similar products often are. As it’s synthetic rubber it’s also good for the environment, and it’s even safe for children should they lick it. You can take specific parts and use them as you please so have fun erasing!