Japanese Stationery Box

Kotatsu Comfort Set - February 2024

February is a cold month we fill with warmth and love in preparation for spring. In Japan, many people have a “Kotatsu” , a small table with a blanket and a heater underneath. If you think it’s hard to get out of bed in winter, this one is even harder to leave! That’s why we at ZenPop always bring a notebook, journal or letterset before getting comfortable on the straw mats under the heated blanket, and get ready to craft with items like these:


ZENPOP orignal Pit Air

This glue tape dispenser will help you from the messy trauma that came from those unruly glue sticks all your life. Pulling the tape glue feels immensely satisfying, and you can easily stop at any time by diagonally removing it, cutting the tape glue. The glue tape too is special, with its power-net shape opting for extra strong and easy to use adhesion. ZenPop collaborated with Tombow to create this Luna themed design, where it looks like she’s running inside the tape roll like a hamster wheel! The two hamsters there are really cheering her on, go Luna!


Sishu wo Tanoshimu Series Mini Card Set from RYURYU

Ever wanted to get into embroidery but just couldn’t find the time? Well, with this cute letter-set, you can at least enjoy the aesthetics of embroidery in your world of stationery. These delightful message cards have a gold leaf border, representing an embroidery ring, and the fabric-like prints are embossed to give the designs that embroidery 3d feeling. Perhaps one day, you may make these as real embroidery?


Otegami Sampo from Furukawa Shikou

A letter set with gorgeous designs that are great by themselves, but the real gem here, is the joy of your pen meeting this mino washi paper. Mino washi is a form of washi paper that has been made in Japan since the year 700, and to this day it still requires a human hand to get right. This form of paper is manufactured by letting water evaporate from it, and due to its durability is used in lanterns, fans and umbrellas. You however, get to indulge by writing on this pristine paper, and we’re confident whatever you make will be wonderful!


Mild Liner Nagomi Mild 5 Colors Set from Zebra

Can you really have enough mildliners? At the ZenPop office, there’s a saying that there’s a mildliner color for every feeling and occasion, you’ll believe us if you go to a stationery shops Zebra section! Translated, this set is called “Peace of mind mild color” which is reflected in the calm yet warm hues, perfect for the cold season where in Japan, we take it slow, mostly indoors, unless we sneak out to look at some plum blossoms. How convenient then, that you can draw plum blossoms with these!


Cozy Sticker relax from MindWave

Look at how chill these people are, I mean, they’re not doing anything, and yet, they seem so content. The great thing with stickers like these is that you decide the use and meaning based on the context of usage! Put the laid back person in your planner to remind you of me-time. Put the two people on a bench in your dragon artwork to make them look like they’re visiting a medieval zoo. Stick them all over your house in secret locations like little fairies populating your abode. Your imagination is the only boundary, but remember, do it in a relaxing way.


KITTA Special from Kingjim

A nifty sticker set with 4 sheets and 9 nordic inspired designs, Don’t be fooled, while these may look like postal stamps, it is merely for the design and can not be used for real mail. That said, the cut is the real deal, making it easy to remove the stickers individually, while keeping the stamp shape intact. In classical Japanese attention to detail fashion, they come in a little book that can be folded in your journal, used as a bookmark and fits pretty much anywhere.


Masking Tape Die-cut tsukue from MindWave

A beautiful roll of washi tape to add to your collection. Take it from us, there’s something oddly satisfying about the soft feel of this roll, which is likely caused by the texture of the washi and the nonsymmetrical die-cut. The die is shaped after the designs and as all washi tape can be written on as well. Tearing the roll is easy to do without compromising the design yet still it holds strong once laid down where you want it.


Memo Yarukoto List from midori

“Yarukoto” means “Things to do”, and once you open up this memo pad filled with the fan favorite midori paper. Its silky smooth pages increase your desire to accomplish your goals +1 and the motivating friends from nature will be with you every step of the way. It comes in 3 different designs too, so trade with your peers if you get their favorite. You can get cats, parakeets or flower designs. Keep it in your bag, hang it on the fridge or use the notes in your journal or calendar.


irokuma CLIP from Kamio Japan

This colored clip is a strong bear that’ll hold your life together, if you keep your life in a diary that is. It will not pay your bills, clean your house or take care of scary phone calls, sorry. But at least it can let your mind drift off to simpler times with less responsibility and more relaxation.