Japanese Stationery Box

Starry Night Stationery - December 2023

The year is nearing its end, and we’re filled with feelings of anticipation for the future. It can be daunting to enter a new year on your own, so don’t go alone! Bring a journal as a companion, and the two of you will make sense of the future together, one page at a time.


ZenPop Original A6 Size Binder

It’s hard to find the perfect journal template, so why not craft your own for 2024? This quality binder is crafted by a Japanese company with a ZenPop original design from our amazing in-house artist. Its sturdy exterior shell will protect whatever you put inside, be it memories, postcards, notes or letters, and the design is filled with anticipation for what the coming year will bring. Also included in this month's box are several items that’d fit neatly in here, as well as a hole stamper as a ribbon on top. The text reads “Journal, just for me”. ✨ ✨


Hoshiakari Kira Pika Masking Tape from Shinzi Katoh Design

Shinzi Katoh Design delivered a masking tape that is out of this world! Not only is it semi transparent in areas, it’s also littered with iridescent gorgeousness with 3 different designs you may pull from your box. Use the dazzling tape to give a new spark to journal spreads, headlines, postcards and more! If you go all the way, tape two lines to some paper, then turn it around and write bold letters you can cut out for sparkling text! The three possible designs are “Hoshi”, “Kodachi” (English: Star & Tree Grove respectively) and “Dreamy” featuring sleeping animals. 🐱 ⭐ 🌲


Coupy Marker 5 from Sakura Craypas

If you abandoned crayons because of the mess they made in your pen case, you’ll be pleased that Japan got you covered with crayons that don’t transfer easily to anything other than paper! Sakura Craypas is turning 50 this year and has provided this crayon set. It’s exceptional to make gradients like a dawn or dusk sky. Providing a more handwritten feeling you cannot achieve with pens, doesn’t bleed even through the thinnest of paper, and you won’t run out anytime soon, this 50th anniversary product will last you long into 2024!


Putitto from CARL

Even the hole punchers are cute in Japan! The Puttito was designed with the need of a portable hole puncher for students and people who work in cafés , trains and in general on the go. It even has the option to add a strap, so it can be a keychain as well, signaling your organized, yet sharp nature. Use it to add your personalized journal pages and memories to your ZenPop limited binder that also comes in this box. It can stamp layers of 4 sheets of normal paper without issue, but is designed with layers of 2 in mind. This is because its size allows for only one hole at a time, but if you fold the paper, you can easily get 2 perfect parallel holes stamped. ⚪ 👊


Warble Sticker navy from MIND WAVE

A calm and melancholic sticker sheet filled with feelings of hopefulness and a sense of uncertain longing. The nature and quotes were created with mallow watercolor and is designed in a way that you can complete a design with only one sheet, not needing to resort to other sets you got (unless you want to of course). It’s an easy combo with the limited ZenPop binder and iridescent design papers and we can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with! 🌒 🌲


Seat Seal Calender S Size Color Nichiyou Hazimari from amifa

Calendar stickers make habit tracking a breeze. They’re versatile, have a seal for each month and can be drawn on with markers. It’s a great item to start off a month with, perhaps to add your goals and important dates. In your ZenPop box, you have received either the macron pastel or cocoa color sheets. If you don’t like to carry around an individual calendar, this item may be the right middle ground for you.


mofusand Postcard from Active corporation

There are certain things in life not worth questioning. Why is the sky blue? Why is chocolate so tasty? Why do we exist? Why do the cats wear a cherry on their head? Let’s not question the constants and rather learn to live with them. One way of coming to terms with life’s inevitabilities, is to design a cute postcard with Mofusand characters on it, or stamp holes with your Putitto hole stamper and use it as a front page/section divider from your journal.


Mild Liner from ZEBRA

The one, the only, the mildliner! Zebra’s flagship marker returns to the ZenPop box, now with the dual tip, so you can pick and choose how thick your mild lines should be. The mildliner is a fan favorite for all sorts of influencers in the study, bujo and art communities. We chose the mild blue color to go with the theme of the box, and because it is the type of color you rarely find in markers elsewhere.


OKINI Design Sheet Aurora from Tsutsumu

Some things are designed simply to be beautiful, and these 10 iridescent aurora design sheets are just that. Cut them, wrap them, decorate your stuff with them! Tour imagination is the only limit for what you can do with these. We picked the aurora set for this box as we were inspired by the cold night sky. In Japan, many people travel far just to have a chance at seeing the dancing northern and southern lights. Lucky you, who can simply pull it out of the palm of your hand 😉 🌌