Japanese Stationery Box

Rainboween! - November 2023

Welcome to Rainbowholic, our special Halloween collaborator this month! Rainbowholic is a stationery addict & content creator that turned that passion for cute Japanese stationery into a lifestyle with her unique online store! Together we’ve created limited one time items along with accompanying dot markers, cat notebooks and more!


ZIG Clean Color DOT Mild Smoky 6 Colors Set from Kuretake

Do you have trypophobia or know someone who does? In that case, these are the spookiest markers in existence! They are specifically designed for making dots, but can of course also be used for drawing too. The tip is soft and rounded, allowing you to easily manually adjust the diameter of your dots, from tiny to big! The colors are pale rose, oatmeal, wisteria, pale turquoise, pale moss and mineral green. Use these for spooky illustrations of lotus flower seedlings, replicate Yayoi Kusama, dot your checklists and much more! 🔴 🔵 ⚫


Rainbowholic x ZenPop Original A5 Sticker

Made in collaboration with Japan based stationery lover & content creator turned shop owner; Rainbowholic! Rainbowholic started off doing content on Japanese kawaii stationery and has managed to turn the passion into a lifestyle! ZenPop’s in-house artist created the base designs, and Rainbowholic added her rainbow magic touch to the designs! Notice the rainbow outlines of the pumpkin or the gothic spider web design on the dress of the pumpkin haired person! Simply adoo0orable! 👻 🌈


Rainbowholic x ZenPop Original Masking Tape

Made in collaboration with Japan based stationery lover & content creator turned shop owner; Rainbowholic! Rainbowholic started off doing content on Japanese kawaii stationery and has managed to turn the passion into a lifestyle! Our collaborators are very much known for their in house created washi tape, and this is a ZenPop original! We designed it to be cute enough to be viable all year round, yet spooky enough to convey the spirit of Halloween. Notice the eyes across the tape? It’s like they’re thinking, is tape made of flesh or am I made out of tape? They scream, for they do not know… 👀


AMIE Sticker Kusumi Gray from World Craft

While not 50 shades, these gray tones are an amazing addition to any planner or page of a journal with various shapes and sizes for the geometric maniac! There's also a great contrast to the dark but bright orange tones of Halloween, making these very easy to double as decorators. If you have a good eye, you’ll also notice the metallic details, making these stickers truly versatile and distinct!


Masking Sticker Book from Hapila

You’ll get either the latte color or monochrome sets of 20 completely different designs in these photography masking sticker books. They both have this lingering melancholy like the atmosphere of twilight, when the world of spirits and the world of the living is closest. That dance of light and dark is what makes these photos so captivating, and inspiring to create with. As they are not coated, you can easily draw & write on top of them as well.


Design Paper Collage Material from Kyowa Shikou

48 sheets, 4 timeless designs. Design paper to make origami, cut, tear, craft, design, do it all! This gothic set features rose-floral monogram, a vintage letter with beautiful handwriting the world will never see again (thanks phones & keyboards 🥲 ), parchment paper for your unique wanted poster and what may be the DaVinci code that was hidden in Japan all along! Don’t tell Dan Brown about this month's box!


NUANCE COLOR Round Pencil HB from Q-LIA

Will you get misty purple or pink beige for your pencil? These high quality Japanese wooden pencils are indeed pencils in super versatile colors that are easy to combine with many other utensils for the upcoming darker seasons. While the long nights can be dark, having cute, soothing tactile things to grasp onto can take your journaling and art to the next level with newfound courage.


Ring Memo Cat from Tokotoko Circus

Do you have enough cats in your life? The answer is no. No you don’t. That’s why we found the most dreamy cats around from the Tokotoko circus to populate these memo pads. Yes, there are multiple designs and they all catwalk that pawrfect balance between cute and ethereal. Having a feline friend in your pocket when inspiration strikes will be just what you need so that the thought doesn’t mouse away.


8LINER Tape Nori from Kamio Japan

Struggling to find space in your pen case for that glue tube? And when you pull it out, it drops from the desk and rolls into the shadow realm, never to return again? Well fret not! This rectangular glue tape roller is not only more precise and elegant than a tube, it also is sized as an average eraser, making it super easy to take with you and not lose it. Better yet, it’s a great fit for the design papers you also receive in this month's box, a match made in... Japan!