Japanese Stationery Box

Autumn Chic - October 2023

This month, our very talented team member delivered some unique, limited edition & custom stickers! It’s a beautifully autumn themed box to welcome the changing season and celebrate the start of cooler months!


Sealing Wax Letter from Maruai

Letter set with stickers to enclose them, replicating wax seals. The envelope interior is colored in a pastel watercolor hue looks like a sky ⛅, while the exterior is an elegant off-white, giving it a unique contrast.💌


Tamura Miki Kazemachi Clear Tape from Kamiiso Sansyou

Gorgeous clear tape for your crafting needs. The glossy finish of the material not only adds to the melancholy of this city at sundown design, but also makes it incredibly satisfying to peel, no scissors needed. Really, it’s sooooo nice to tear it off!👌✨


MAKE MARK from Sunstar Bungu

Stylish marker in gorgeous pastel color. You will receive one out of 4 different ones, either pistachio, dusty violet, old rose or latter beige. The tip is shaped so that it’s easy to decide how you want the markings to be laid out onto the paper. If it should be thicker, use the plat end, if smaller, keep only the tip on the paper surface.✨


ZenPop Original A6 Sticker

This sticker set is a ZenPop original! Inspired by the change of the seasons from summer to fal , with motifs like fashionable people on the move, kawaii latte art, and the fall leaves of course!☕🍂 We wanted to express “dokushou no aki” or an autumn of reading (読書の秋). Did you know? You can even use the sticker frame for more sticker action, as the entire surface is usable for your creative needs!


A5 Twin Ring Note Fleur from Kyowa Shikou

This stylish notebook adorned with flowers and dreamy french writing, that certainly captures the hearts of people in Japan, has lined pages and a satisfying paper feel. Use it with the items you get in the box!📒


3way Frame Seal from Hapila

These incredible stickers can be used in 3 different ways! 😮 Choose between using the main design of the sticker, by peeling the middle rectangle, or perhaps peel off the smaller circular designs, for artistic bullet points or planets. And our favorite way? Peel the sticker design frame, and you have a polaroid style frame sticker that you can add to photos, drawings, journals and more! 📷


Fude Touch Sign Pen Yellow Ocher from Pentel

This golden brown brush pen is an amazing tool for applying strong or weak pressure for your writing or drawing. Because the tip of this pen works like a brush, you can easily adjust lines thickness and even create wavy variations by giving more and less pressure on one stroke. Perfect for illustration and lettering, this color was selected to embody the glow of fall time. 😊 By adding a bit of color to the tip, you can even create gradient designs.


Kikagaku Mishin-me Todo Fusen from Hall Mark

Not only are these sticky notes nice and long, they’re also perforated and designed for to do lists!✅ Finished a task, or it’s no longer relevant? Rip it off! Want to make tickets that stick? Separate them! Only your imagination sets the limits with these versatile sticky notes.💮


AMIE Masking Tape Kusumi Orange from World Craft

This slim masking tape is crafted with a gorgeous minimalist pattern to compliment your scheduling, journaling or art. Whether you use it to make frames, dividers, decorate corners or add to your art, this tape gives you the option thanks to its slimness.💯✨