Japanese Stationery Box

Edo Art Aesthetic - September 2023

Japanese Gansai (顔彩) and Satsuma Kiriko glass (薩摩切子) were both products of the Edo Era’s twilight. As we enter the twilight of summer, it’s only natural to make these traditional art forms accessible to you! Express yourself with this set that has everything you need in one box.


Ouchi de Meiga Collection (Nurie de Hokusai) from Kuretake

One of this box’s centerpieces! This set of Japanese Watercolor pencil brushes contains the colors Dull Blue and Peacock Blue as individual brushes, and a special watercolor brush that lets you soak up any color to paint! You can even use a marker and copy its color with this brush. If you lack inspo, it comes with artwork of Mt.Fuji you can practice on. Everything you need to get into Gansai!


Original Kiriko Pattern Origami from KAKUWA x ZENPOP

While we can’t send you glass in the mail, we can send you custom origami sheets replicating the look of Kiriko Glass! This exclusive ZenPop collab presents traditional kiriko glass patterns on a special waterproof and glossy yet sturdy origami sheet. These can also be used to decorate transparent cups, phone cases and more to look like Japanese glass! Here’s a link to our special guide on how to fold Origami: https://zenpop.jp/blog/post/5510/kiriko-glass-origami-tutorial


Postcard Muji from Etranger di Costarica

A full set of standard size postcards. Thanks to the high quality paper and no stamp signifier, you have a blank canvas to create your own postcards for your friends and family with the gansai brushes you receive in this pack.


Tracing DieCut Seal Dry Flower from Kyowa Shikou

72 wildflowers pressed to 4 sheets. Or stickers depicting wildflowers at least! This calm and rustic flora is perfect to combine with the elegant blush you can create with watercolor. Or create small notes with inspiration based on the flower.


Felice Sticker from MIND WAVE

Dreamy, stationery, grass, flowers and coffee are the various themes you will get one of, from the Felice sticker set. Calm, classy and essential for your journal entries!



Ever had your markers bleed through to the next page? Or struggled with precision because the surface is uneven? Say hello to your new lord and savior! This sheet fixes all of that and is easy to fit in your journal or artbook. With it, you can even play with watercolors in a notebook!


Knock-shiki Han-Eikyu Pencil from Summer-now

Made with a special graphite, the particles that become your writing are made with friction, leading this pencil to become semi permanent in use. It never requires sharpening or refills, it can be erased and is perfect for sketching for your paint brushes!


Message Card from Ryu-ryu

Super cute message cards with floral designs. Great for little motivators or gift cards. Flower language: Lily of the valley - “Happiness will come again” , “pure” Dahlia - “Brilliant” , “Elegance” Blue Star - "Happy love" "Faithful heart" Mimosa - "Gratitude" "Friendship"


Arch Mini Keshigomu MEMORY YOUR SCENT from Arch

An eraser with an arched sleeve & perforations, ensuring it doesn’t break apart in use. Once it gets smaller, break apart the back packaging and push it forward! No more breaking & tearing!