Japanese Stationery Box

Summer Blues - August 2023

Feeling a bit down during the summer? Don't worry, we've got your back! Our special selection designed to get your creative juices flowing in no time. Whether you're into simple doodles, neater drawings, or advanced art, we've got everything you need to get started. And if journaling is more your thing, we've got the best Japanese stationery to cover all your needs. Get ready to unleash your creativity and beat those summer blues!


Solajikan Moment Letter Set from Ryu-ryu

"Solajikan Moment Letter set "gathers the 'fleeting moments' of irreplaceable days😌. The stationery features three designs using photographs of the sky and landscapes taken by photographer Kyoka Hanazawa📸✨. The envelope seals have a design inspired by photographic film, and the use of holographic foil allows the colors to change depending on the viewing angle and the incidence of light🥺❤️. The inside of the envelope also features a photograph of the sky, ensuring that the recipient will surely be delighted ✨ One of the designs called “Manazashi/ Hakka” is my personal favorite for the letter set. There are many blue colors,and Hakka is one of the blue color “Mint color”. How we chose this product? We were absolutely delighted by the incredible products from RyuRyu! We just couldn't resist choosing three fantastic items from the same series, all adorned with the most stunning photographs😌🙏. We have 3 different type of designs for each 3 product. Manazashi /Hakka (Gaze/ Mint), Yorimichi/Lemon (which can be translated as "Swing By/Lemon") and UtaKata/Ao ( fleeting beauty/ Blue). Which design did you get?👀


Solajikan Collage Stickers from Ryu-ryu

Introducing our second item from RyuRyu's newly launched series, "Solajikan Moment"! Though all designs are very attractive, allow us to introduce one of the design called "Yorimichi/Lemon" (which can be translated as "Swing By/Lemon")🍋😊. I can't help but imagine how photographer Hanazawa-san came up with the name for this product. It feels as though these photographs were taken during her impromptu stops along the way to her destination. One day, she drops by an amusement park🎡; the next, she finds herself in a flower park🌼. It's almost as if she has magically transported us to various locations through her photographs. The sense of adventure and discovery is simply captivating!😌✨ When you decorate your planner with its amazing photographs and soothing colors, you'll feel transported to a tranquil summer getaway every time you open your planner. 📖☆ミ


Sorajikan Tag Card Set from Ryu-Ryu

This is the final product we have selected for you from RyuRyu's newest collection, "Solajikan”. These products can serve not only as a tag, simply by attaching them to your gift bag, but also as a remarkable and trendy mini letter when combined with the envelope, creating a truly unique experience😳. One of the design is named "Utakata/Ao." "Utakata" refers to the ephemeral bubbles floating on water, a term I recently discovered myself. The word carries a sense of transience and evokes a feeling of fleeting beauty✨. 🔵"Ao"🔵 represents the color blue, which serves as the perfect color theme for the summer season. Blue is often associated with refreshing waters, clear skies, and a sense of calmness, making it an ideal choice for capturing the essence of summer.🎐💙


Kimochi Afureru Matataki Box uniballl one from Mitsubishi pencil

Introducing the limited edition Mitsubishi Pencil Matataki box 0.38mm. This emotion-filled assortment is specially designed to capture the emotions of younger students. 😳 Created in collaboration with Shiori Iwakura, a renowned photographer with 300,000 followers and beloved by students, this collection features various classic colors, and one of them will be in your box📸. As like the above 3 RyuRyu products, their photographs truly elevate the stationery items. The photography showcases the products in a way that enhances their appeal, highlighting their unique features and capturing their aesthetic beauty. The visual presentation adds an extra layer of allure to these stationery products💎✨. About Uniball: The newly developed Uni-ball One ink stands out from regular gel inks. It employs a proprietary bead pack pigment that contains coloring materials within particles, minimizing their penetration into paper fibers. The result? The colors on the paper surface become more vivid, blacks appear darker, and your writing exudes a crisp and memorable quality.📝 The assortment includes two Uni-ball pens and one Uni-ball F pen. While the basic function remains the same as the regular Uni-ball pens, the Uni-ball F stands out with its cooler design and an impressive stabilizer mechanism. This mechanism ensures a smoother writing experience and enhanced stability while using the pen. So, not only does the Uni-ball F offer style, but it also provides improved performance.📝📝✨


KOHAKU Toumei Flake Seal <drink> from Greenflash

Introducing a fun and versatile flake sticker made of transparent material🍹! This sticker offers endless possibilities for creativity, allowing you to enjoy it in various ways. You can utilize the color of the base to create unique and eye-catching decorations🌝✨. Plus, with its large size, it doubles as a fantastic sticker option. For your convenience, it comes with a transparent case, perfect for carrying and storing. Even when it's neatly stored away, the case itself adds a cute touch to your collection. Get ready to unleash your imagination with this delightful transparent flake sticker😌🌟! Their delightful designs and vibrant colors can truly awaken our appetite😋🤫.


Iro o Tanoshimu Han-Toumei Fusen from Greenflash

Introducing translucent sticky notes that let you appreciate the beauty of ink🎨💕! These notes are perfect for various situations, whether you want to leave a special message for a close friend or add a thoughtful touch to a gift. With their clear cover, they add a touch of elegance💁‍♀️💁‍♂️. 🙇‍♂️Just a friendly reminder, these notes work best with pencil or oil-based pens, as they can repel water-based ink🙇‍♀️. Get ready to add a unique and charming flair to your messages with these delightful translucent sticky notes!✍️✨


Demi-Clip Clear Palette from Palette

With just one touch, this clip transforms into a convenient index🖇🔖. When you're busy, simply clip it temporarily and organize later. But here's the cool part🔥: you can write on it using an oil-based pen. This means you can not only categorize by color, but also make detailed divisions with letters. And guess what? You can erase it with an eraser, making it reusable again and again😮. Using it is a breeze. Just open the clip, slide in your paper all the way, and close the clip. It can hold up to 20 sheets of copy paper effortlessly. Need to adjust? No problem. If the clip expands and doesn't hold a small amount of paper, simply open the clip, pinch it with your fingers, and press it a few times. It will restore and securely hold even a few sheets🤝. The clip has a hole, so it can be used not only as a regular clip, but also by threading a string through the hole and hanging it up on a wall or somewhere else. This allows you to hang or display the clip and the attached notes or papers in a convenient and visible manner. Stay organized and flexible with this handy demiclip that lets you write, erase, and clip with ease!✨


Clear Up Marker MOTiON from Kamio Japan

Meet the Clear Up Marker MOTiON from Kamio Japan, the highlighter marker with an eraser marker! Here's why it's awesome: ① Don't worry about going overboard with your lines. You can simply erase them by using the opposite side of the marker😳. ② It's not just functional, but cute too! You can even write letters on the marker itself😮. ③ For best results, erase first, and watch the letters magically appear🤩! Just a heads-up, colored erasing inks may not work on all colors, so be mindful of that. Also, avoid writing over areas where the eraser ink has been used. Bid farewell to blunders and embrace the Clear Up Marker MOTiON—a vibrant and ingenious tool for illuminating with precision and flair! 🌈✍️


Seal Senyou Tweezers from Hapila

Finally, we can add a pair of tweezers to our stationery box! We've noticed that many people are using tweezers to decorate their planners with a variety of stickers😌✨. The delightful tweezers are available in two charming colors, "pink💓" and "lavender💜”. These tweezers are here to make handling small seals a breeze. With their curved design, they provide the perfect grip and make it easy to handle even the most delicate and hard-to-reach seals. Say goodbye👋 to the frustration of struggling with tiny stickers and hello to effortless precision with these fabulous Seal Tweezers. Get ready to add a touch of convenience and style to your crafting and organizing tasks😊!