Japanese Stationery Box

Cute Cravings - July 2023

Fun & Functional, that’s the motto of this month’s stationery selection. Pens and paper are meant to be used, and we got you some that you won’t want to stop having in your hands. Discover why everyone’s so into Japanese stationery if you aren’t already!


Puni Ketsu Fusen from SunStar

Meet our adorable animal butt sticky notes: cute, squishy, and totally irresistible!💘 With their functional design and ぷにぷに(punipuni) texture, you won't be able to stop touching those cheeky little buns. (I can’t!🤫🤣) Get ready to add a playful and organized touch to your workspace with these super cute sticky notes! 🐹🐶🐼🐱


SANDWICH NOTE from Iroha publishing

Introducing the mouthwatering "Sandwich Note" notebook!🥪✨ With its food-themed pages and bread-shaped covers, this notebook is a delightful feast for your creativity. Get ready to take a bite out of the most unique, cute, and deliciously tempting notebook you've ever laid eyes on!👀 (we’ve seen many, and this one really got to us!)


POP-UP Notemark from OCT

Prepare to be captivated by the Uniquest Bookmark, a truly extraordinary bookmark experience! From the moment we glimpsed these remarkable treasures, we were completely smitten and knew we had to have one in our hands immediately. 😅🤗 Will you be joined by a mischievous shark or a formidable tiger? Let these enchanting creatures lead you to your desired pages, but watch out—they might just take a bite out of them all! With the convenience of two bookmarks, attach them gently for easy removal and effortlessly switch between books whenever you desire.


Free Cut Sticker from LAB CLIP

Discover the perfect sticker for your daily planner! This incredible sticker is removable, writable, and even features a cutting line for easy customization. Decorate your planner with style by attaching your favorite photos, highlighting important notes, and unleashing your creativity. Make each day special with this versatile sticker😋✨


Magic Color Marker from Qlia

Get ready for the mind-boggling, Mysterious Marker! 🤩 This little marvel will leave you amazed and giggling with its magical dual tips. Write with the colored side, then top it off with the white tip—voilà! 🧙‍♀️ A whole new color appears! (We love it when there’s a little magic.) Or unleash secret messages that magically reveal themselves when someone colors over them. Prepare for a world of enchantment and endless fun! ✨


Frixion Stamp Box from PILOT

Introducing the oh-so-practical Frixion Stamp! Say goodbye to boring to-do lists and hello to exciting accomplishments. ✨ Use this checkbox stamp to tackle your tasks and watch your progress unfold. Feeling spontaneous or changed your plans? No worries! Simply use the erasable part of the stamp, and poof! The stamp disappears, leaving you ready for new adventures. Embrace the power of organization with a delightful twist!😎


Niko Ichi Tape Nori YURUWAN Nihiki from Kamio Japan

Meet the cutest and smallest tape glue around! This compact wonder is perfectly sized to slip into your pen case and tag along wherever you need it. Oh, and let me confess, I'm absolutely smitten with an adorable Pomeranian design—it's just irresistibly cute! 🤭🐶💗 Get ready to add a sprinkle of charm to your crafting with this pocket-sized powerhouse.


Fusenshi Journal Habit Colorful pattern from midori

We weren't kidding when we said we found something both cute and practical! Feast your eyes on these adorable sticky notes that pack a punch of usefulness. Perfect for small habit tracking like having breakfast or do stretch every night etc.!🍴🤸‍♀️ Stick them on your notebook with the included tape glue and mark each accomplishment with style. Prepare for conquering your goals in the most charming way possible!💗


Design Paper Kudamono Marche from Kyowa Shikou

Prepare to be dazzled by the cutest fruit-themed papers ever! These delightful treasures feature four different designs, each more charming than the last. 🍎🍑🍋🍈 Get creative and cut them by scissors or by hand, turning your pages into a vibrant and cheerful paradise. Stick those papers on the page and watch as your creations come to life, filling your world with delight! 🌟