Japanese Stationery Box

Saigetsu Collaboration - June 2023

The wait is finally over, and we're beyond thrilled to unveil our latest stationery collaboration! This time, we've teamed up with the uber-talented Osaka-based artist, Saigetsu, to bring you an exclusive collection of mesmerizing new designs—only available in our Stationery box! Hurry and snag yours before these one-of-a-kind treasures fly off the shelves!


ZENPOP x Saigetsu Original Notebook A5

Introducing an exclusive collaboration that's sure to delight and inspire – ZenPop has teamed up with Saigetsu, a talented local digital artist from Osaka, to create one-of-a-kind artwork that's available only in our Stationery box this May! 🎨🌸 Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Saigetsu, whose distinctive style and color palette will leave you yearning for more. Feast your eyes on the first masterpiece in this collection: an original A5 notebook adorned with a gorgeous pastel-colored design, quintessential of Saigetsu's signature aesthetic. 📔✨ The slightly wobbly lines, unique to her style, beautifully capture a charming scene at a local yattai (food stall) during Osaka's bustling festival season. You'll be transported to the vibrant summer months, where festivals abound across Japan, and mouthwatering treats like takoyaki, yakitori, and dango await you at every turn. 🎆🍡 Embrace the enchanting artwork of Saigetsu and let the magic of Japanese festivals fill your heart with joy and inspiration! 🎏🎉


ZENPOP x Saigetsu Original 3 pocket clear folder A5

The second mesmerizing piece in the Saigetsu x ZenPop collaboration – a one-of-a-kind A5 clear folder that's as functional as it is enchanting! 🌊🐠 This unique folder features a stunning design inspired by the bustling intersection in Osaka's Honmachi district, home to ZenPop's very own offices. With its three handy pockets, organizing your documents has never been more delightful or effortless. Dive into the dreamy world of Saigetsu's imagination, where graceful fishes float through the air, and the familiar streets of Osaka transform into a whimsical underwater realm. 🐟🌆 Let your thoughts drift away as you ponder the wonders of a world submerged in water, where life takes on a whole new perspective. Unleash your creativity and inspiration with this captivating clear folder from Saigetsu and ZenPop, and let the magic of the deep blue sea wash over you! 🌊✨


MILDLINER Yasashisa Mild 5 colors set from ZEBRA

Introducing the Zebra Mildliner Multicolor Set, a fan-favorite collection of eye-friendly highlighters with soft, pastel hues that breathe life into your notebooks and diaries! 🌈📖 These gentle colors not only elevate your notes with a touch of cuteness but also ensure a clutter-free and organized look. A versatile set featuring a rich array of colors, the Zebra Mildliner Multicolor Set is perfect for capturing an extensive range of scenes and emotions. 💕✍️ Popular among students who adore all things cute, and professionals seeking an easy-to-review note-taking system, these easy-on-the-eyes highlighters are loved by all. What sets this collection apart is the unique white pen body, a refreshing departure from the typical highlighter design, and a subtle logo that exudes elegance. Plus, the pen's distinct color and design make it a breeze to spot in your pen case or bag. So, go ahead and upgrade your stationery game with the Zebra Mildliner Multicolor Set – a must-have for the chic and organized individual! 🖋️💐


Marumi no Fusen M from BEVERLY

Add a splash of joy and vibrancy to your daily life with Marumi no Fusen M from BEVERLY! 🌈📚 These delightful round-colored labels feature natural and cheerful bright colors that effortlessly infuse warmth and charm into your notes. With their adorable rounded corners and perfect size, these versatile stickers instantly transform any notebook into a stylish accessory. Simplicity meets functionality in these easy-to-use labels, making them ideal for both personal and shared use. 💌💫 Whether you're at home, the office, or school, Marumi no Fusen M seamlessly adapts to any setting, bringing a touch of playfulness and whimsy to your notes and reminders. So go ahead, jazz up your daily routine with these captivating round-colored labels from BEVERLY, and let the fun begin! 🎉🌟


Pelto Postcard Size from LION

Get ready for the latest addition to the Lion Office Co., Ltd. collection - the charming PP Color Holder <PELTO>, now available in two new sizes starting since 2023! 🌈📁 These fresh additions, the ""A4 tri-fold size"" and ""postcard size,"" join the existing A4 size to offer a versatile array of options for all your organizing needs. The compact sizes are perfect for stashing in small bags, making them ideal for carrying tickets, letter sets, and more on the go. The PP Color Holder <PELTO> boasts an L-shaped opening, providing easy access to contents while the attached lid and hook ensure nothing slips out. 🌟🔒 With sizes catered to various purposes, the ""A4 tri-fold size"" is perfect for not only A4 documents but also tickets and spare masks, while the ""postcard size"" is excellent for organizing postcards, letter supplies, and stickers. 💼💌 Designed with your convenience in mind, these holders feature a slit to secure the lid's edge and prevent snags during storage, while rounded corners safeguard against damage to bags and other items. Embrace the clever ingenuity of the PP Color Holder <PELTO> and experience a world of effortless organization! ✨👜


KINTSUGI Seal from Kamio Japan

Introducing the exquisite KINTSUGI stickers from Kamio Japan, a unique way to infuse the timeless beauty of the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi into your own creations! ✨🎨 Kintsugi is the delicate practice of repairing broken pottery with gold, transforming the once-fractured pieces into stunning works of art that celebrate their imperfections. Now, with these enchanting stickers at your fingertips, you can breathe new life into your artwork by incorporating the principles of Kintsugi into your designs. 🖼💛 Use the stickers to mend, connect, or simply elevate your creations, adding a touch of elegance and originality to every piece. Embrace the charm and allure of Kintsugi with these captivating stickers from Kamio Japan, and let the golden magic of this time-honored art form elevate your craft to new heights! 🌟🌸


KITTA Color Bar from KINGJIM

Introducing the whimsical KITTA Slim, your new best friend for adding that special touch to your monthly notebooks! 📔🌈 This ultra-svelte Japanese washi tape, boasting a slender 7mm width, is perfect for adding a dash of charm and elegance to your everyday planner. Let your creativity soar as you effortlessly adorn your pages with the delightful KITTA Slim. 🎨📚 From highlighting important dates to creating intricate borders, this versatile masking tape is your go-to companion for transforming your notebook into a vibrant work of art. So go ahead, unleash your inner artist with KITTA Slim, and watch your notebook come to life with a splash of color and style! ✨🌟


uni-ball signo Black 0.5mm from Mitusbishi pencil

Introducing the vibrant Uniball Signo, a Japanese pen that brings your artistic creations to life with its vivid, non-bleeding pigment ink! 🎨🌈 This gel ink ballpoint pen glides smoothly across the page, ensuring that your masterpieces stay vivid, crisp, and true to your vision. With a full spectrum of dazzling colors and available in ball diameters of 0.5mm, there's a perfect Uniball Signo for every artist's unique style. The secret to the Uniball Signo's remarkable performance lies in its innovative gel-to-liquid ink transformation. 🖊️💧 As the ball rotates, the gel-like ink liquefies, allowing for a seamless writing experience. Once on paper, the ink reverts to its gel state, preventing any bleeding or feathering. Moreover, its pigment ink formulation ensures excellent water resistance and lightfastness, so your creations stay vivid and unfading, even when exposed to water or UV rays. 💦☀️ Embrace the Uniball Signo's unparalleled durability and vibrancy, and watch your artistic expressions stand the test of time! 🌟🖼️



Introducing the sleek and stylish Plus Correction Tape White Wiper PL - a tape designed to deliver unmatched slimness and smoothness for all your editing needs! ✍️🌟 This pen-shaped wonder embodies the perfect harmony of form and function, making it a must-have for anyone seeking an elegant solution to life's little imperfections. The Plus Correction Tape White Wiper PL boasts a cushion head mechanism, adapting effortlessly to the contours of your paper just like a pen or brush. 🖌️📄 With its unique ""Fine Keeper"" feature, even first-time users will find correcting a breeze from start to finish. The ultra-thin ""Sara Tape"" ensures a pleasant, stress-free writing experience, while the mini roller guarantees steady and reliable use. So, embrace the unparalleled finesse of the Plus Correction Tape White Wiper PL, and watch as it effortlessly refines and perfects your work! 🌈📚