Japanese Stationery Box

Blooming Creativity - April 2023

Experience the beauty of blooming creativity with our Japanese Stationery Box - Blooming Creativity. Filled with high-quality Japanese stationery items and floral-inspired designs, this box is the perfect choice for anyone who loves writing, art, and the beauty of nature. Order now and elevate your writing and creativity with this unique and inspiring stationery box.


Sakura no Hanabira -Saku- from BANDE

Sakura masking tape for the Sakura season, a must have in your stationery set up! We went for a new edition from BANDE this year because we wanted to experiment with the quality of their washi paper and gentle glue that allows for the tape to be used and used again!


Sakura limited Flake Sticker from BGM

Limited edition Sakura flake stickers for the most flowery month of the year! Paired with other beautiful flowers, lanterns and delicious dango, this sticker set from BGM is perfect for the start of Spring and will make you want to finally leave your blanker behind and welcome all the burgeoning life outside!


CHARME Mini Card Set Tulip from El commune

Because we're feeling flowers, here's an elegant mini card set with a die-cut card inspired by antique tableware, decorated with flowers and gold foil stamping. Decorating with antique furniture and accessories is a growing trend in Japan, and perhaps an upcoming one where you live too!


Compact Monthly Notebook from El commune

Do you like journaling? We certainly do. A little note here and there always makes you feel better. Take some time for yourself to write down your thoughts, ideas and dreams in this cure Matoka notebook from El Commune. Made with quality paper, an elegant and minimalistic flower illustration on the cover, it's a very discrete diary to carry with you wherever you go! The flower on the cover is actually made through careful foil stamping, which gives it its very delicate outline.


Gradation Sticker Momiza from Ryu-ryu

Mimosa, one of the most charming yellow flowers around. Of course, let's not forget sunflowers. But this time around, we found a lovely little set of Mimosa stickers from Ryu-Ryu. The glossy transparent sticker is made with gold leaf processing on the edges giving it a little texture and contrast.. One sheet contains large and small stickers, perfect for decorating notebooks and cards.


Mix Line from Sakura Craypas

MixLine is a special pen series from Sakura Craypas. What's special about them? Well, first, they have 2 sides, which is nothing new in the stationery world. But on one of those sides, the pen comes with a marker and a small pen tip, allowing you to write, draw, create, underline at the same time depending on how you hold your pen! Perfect for note taking & hilighting them right away, or if you want to experiment with some creative drawing!


ZENPOP Original Mono graph lite from Tombow x ZENPOP

This one we're very, very excited about! Finally, we got you a new unique ZenPop original good! This pen was made in collaboration with Tombow, one of Japan's best pen manufacturers, and together we've developped a unique ZenPop design for the Sakura season with 2 colors available, white and pink, both with black ink included. The pen is ligh, has a lovely soft color, delicate writing and good hand balance! Wait until you try it.


goyururi Origami Otegami from El commune

Japan is famous for its original patterns, such as the Japanese waves known as Seigaiha, but also unique elements from its culture that immediatey make you think of this beautiful country: we're thinking Manekineko, Sushi, Origami, Kabuki masks and more. This origami paper depicts those motives unique to Japan with a very simple and playful color combination. The series name comes from the word "goyururitto" (ごゆるりと) which means to relax. And for your box, we went for the Wagashi designs because we do have a sweet tooth in the team! If you don't want to write a letter with the paper, you can make a beautiful Origami out of it!


Omoshiro Keshigomu Wagashi from Iwako

To complete your box, we got you some cute and original eraser from the series Omoshiro Keshigomu (おもしろ消しゴム ) which litterally means, interesting eraser! Design variations include a matcha tea cup, Taiyaki Anko, Manju, Mochi, Dorayaki and more delicious traditional Japanese Wagashi (sweets).