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Japanese Stationery Box

Playful Pixels - March 2023

Get ready to unleash your inner artist with this amazing stationery set! We've curated a collection of unique, fun and super-cool stationery items straight from Japan. Whether you're a journaling pro, a letter-writing enthusiast, or just looking for some inspiration, this box has everything you need to let your creativity flow. So go ahead, discover it now!


Shikaku marker dot e pen 4 color set from Sunstar

Are you ready for some pixel art (ピクセルアート)? Start a new creative project with those Dot E Pens and work your way around a grid with a unique dotted pattern. Each box contains a set with 4 colors, and each pen has 2 distinct tips: a square one for your pixel art (四角マーカー), and a very thin one for beautiful outlines. The colors assorted by Sunstar (サンスター) are well-balanced and allow for a lot of originality in your designs!


Retopic Stickers from Kamio Japan

Stay playful with this fun assortment of pixelated stickers from Kamio Japan’s Retopic (レトピクシール) series. Cute designs are their specialty, and we’ve gotten you 1 out of 2 selections. Osaka has a world-famous aquarium (Kaiyukan, 海遊館), and we couldn’t resist including a selection of cute marine animals! For the second palette, it’s a collection of mixed juice drinks, originating from Osaka, as well as other traditional Japanese cafés (Kissaten, 喫茶店) dishes. What are you going to use your new sticker for?


SODA Avenue (30mm) from KINGJIM

Lineup the city in front of you with King Jim’s SODA Avenue (SODA アベニュー) washi tape roll. From one shop to the next, this washi tape is designed to make you feel like going down a city’s main avenue. It’s an original design, perfectly suited for some art & craft projects, or to decorate your notebook with something different from the usual!


Sentimental Mode Seal from Kamio Japan

Watch and feel: this is how you can best enjoy this new series of stickers from Kamio Japan (カミオジャパン). Everyday life scenes throughout the seasons, making you realize the mundane moments are the once we can cherish the most. Do you have a preference for a season? Snowy landscapes and winter train rides through the mountainous countryside of Japan is something we never get tired of!


Sentimental Mode Letter Set from Kamio Japan

To give you even more feels, we also went for the Letter Set from the Sentimental Mode series (センチメンタルモード). It’s just a perfect combination with the stickers. We have a stack of Letter Sets at home, because in those digital times, there is nothing more heartwarming than receiving a handwritten note from someone that cares about you! With this lovely design, you’re guaranteed to make an impression!



Here we have a translucent sticky note in the shape of a cute letter. Ilma means "air" in Finnish, and El Commun used light and transparent paper that reminds of a gentle breeze. It is recommended to attach your memo to a gift, as it fits perfectly just below the ribbon that nicely ties together your gift wrapping. There are many more ways to use those sticky memos, and we’ll leave it to you to make the best of them!


Block Keshigomu from Iwako

While writing on those memos, working on your art projects, or putting down a few notes, it happens that you may need to erase something. A regular eraser would be boring, though, and we wanted to give you something a little more playful. When we found Iwako’s (イワコー) Block eraser, we were instantly hooked: they look just like cute Lego blocks, and you nearly won’t want to use them up.


Yachou from Kokuyo

With a small grid, this Yachou (野帳) is perfect for drawing out sketches. You may also use it to practice your pixel art with the markers from your box! The size actually matches! It’s thin, and easy to carry around with you wherever you go. You can’t plan for when you have your ideas, or may want to take a creative break on the train, so portability is important!


Pastick from Pentel

Finally, staying true to this month’s playful theme, we got you a hybrid between colored pencil and crayon. This soft colored crayon from Pentel (ぺんてる) is easy to use and has a lovely color. In total, we have 5 available, but only 1 in your box! Try it for yourself, and let the colors lead you past this ocean of creative possibilities that is ahead of you.