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Japanese Stationery Box

Pawsome Buddies - February 2023

Are you looking for new inspiration for your art work? Dive deep into the animal kingdom and discover all those cute anime-themed stationery items from Japan. Convenient, well-designed, fun and exciting, this is the best stationery box you can find to start 2023 the creative way.


Smart Fit PuniLabo Book Band Pencase from LIHIT LAB

Let’s start 2023 with something that you’ll be able to keep and use for a while: a pen case that becomes a book band for notebooks and diaries. Isn’t that a perfect combination? Wrap it around your notebook, or your schoolbook if you’re prepping for your exams, and add your favorite pencil to write notes and organize your thoughts right when you need to put them down on paper! The size can be adapted to fit on A6, B6, A5, B5 notebook sizes. Plus, those Shiba and Cat design are just too adorable. Don’t you think so?


Mini Letter set from Nihon Hallmark

We love new products, and the innovation of Japanese stationery companies; that’s what we want to share with you in our stationery box every month. Introducing: a new type of mini letter set that you can enjoy while changing the clothes and designs of your favorite animal! Thanks to a simple yet unique mechanism, you can change the animal's appearance depending on the stationery you choose. There are 3 patterns, from floral to simple, so you can use them according to your mood and the person you want to share this with.


Pastello A6 Notebook from LIHIT LAB

One key part for good stationery, is for it to be reliable. Sometimes, you just need a simple, colorful and convenient notebook. LIHIT LAB does just that in their Pastello notebooks series: the colors are lovely, the paper is soft and pleasant to write on, the notebook has just the right size at A6, and we’d love to have a pile at home with all available colors! It’s perfect to use with the pen case band mentioned earlier! We hope that you like the one that you’ve received.


Futamata Fusen from King Jim

Tired of classic yellow 3M sticky notes? We’ve got just the right kind to replaced them. One of our favorite brands, King Jim released this awesome series of Fusen Sticky notes. Coming with 2 sides displaying the front and back of the scene, it’s ideal to decorate your table as well, or leave a cute note to someone.


Immersion Ball Pen 0.7mm from Zebra Blen

Have you ever considered technology of your pens? Zebra certainly does, and they’ve just introduced some groundbreaking proprietary findings into their new Blen pen line! After doing some research with their customers, they found out that the most important thing for them is to be able to write without stress. To solve this, they are now introducing their brand-new Blen system, which controls writing vibration! The contact between the paper and the tip of the pen usually creates a vibration inside the pen, which is then transmitted to the fingers holding the pen, adding stress to your articulations. Now, you may think that this doesn’t matter, and if you don’t write much, it may be true. But imagine you have to take notes all day long, copy something by hand; that’s when this technology becomes really useful!


ILMILY Two-color marker from Pilot

ILMILY is a new series of quality stationery items from Pilot. They are focusing on fun and quality items for handwriting. Those two-color markers are using proprietary ink that changes the color of the writing with frictional heat when applied! It’s suitable for coloring notebooks, creating a wish or a to-do list for work and private use. When you rub your wish or completed task with the special rubber, the color of the handwriting will change, and you can use it while feeling the sense of accomplishment and the excitement of changing colors. Get ready to be creative!


Animal design daily use seal from Midori

Specially designed to decorate your daily use notebook, those masking stickers with soothing animal designs are super cute! The size and motif are easy to paste in any type of diary layout, making it perfect for adding color to your daily notes. The sticker sheet has perforations for splitting, so you can put it in your diary or store it compactly, having it ready whenever you need it. The stickers are made of Japanese paper with a soft, transparent feel. The masking tape material is removable, so you can find a new pace for the seal if you want to redecorate.


Flake Seal from World Craft

Are you a fan of the iconic Japanese dog breed Shiba Inu? Did you know that the shiba inu (柴犬) is a breed of hunting dog from Japan? Now, those adorable designs from World Craft are perfect to decorate your notebook and make everything look more kawaii. Use the designs to your advantage and have the dogs pop out of the side of your pages or add them to some unique artwork.


Friction Stamp Pad from Pilot

Finally, to complete this box, we handpicked another item from Pilot, a new erasable stamp! Those Friction Stamp Pads are convenient for notebooks and come with a unique feature: they are erasable! You can easily and gently rub it off with the opposite side of the tube to remove it. The ink is also hard to bleed through, so the paper surface stays clean all the time! There are a total of70 types of seal design, including 10 new patterns. You can remove the cap and press it as it is right on your notebook, card, or letter!