Japanese Stationery Box

New Resolutions - January 2023

New Year, New Resolutions, but this time, we’re helping you get them written down on paper. Because to reach your goals, it’s always best to have them written down. With beautiful paper, letter sets, and pens, we have a gorgeous stationery box for you to get ready for 2023!


Mt.envelope from goodbymarket

To start this box with some gorgeous Japanese stationery, we got our hands on this envelope, on which Mt. Fuji is finely designed. On the reverse side of the envelope is the beautiful shape of Japan’s most sacred mountain encrusted in the paper, unnoticed until you turn it around. You can gently pop the attachment to make it stand out and reflect on the surface of the silver lake! To do so, make sure that you insert the postcard with the shiny side facing the Mt. Fuji opening! Did you know? Fujigoko refers to the five lakes around the northern foot of Mt. Fuji: Yamanaka-ko, Kawaguchi-ko, Sai-ko, Shoji-ko, and Motosu-ko. In ancient times, lava flow from the volcanic eruption of Mt. Fuji spread across the area, damming up rivers and resulting in the formation of these lakes. This beautiful design was made by Tomohiro Ikegaya, a very talented artist!


Die Cut Stand Message Pad from Marumo Insatsu

Marumo Printing's technology (マルモ印刷) is packed into this awesome notepad. We’ve included one from 18 unique patterns in your box: cats, dogs, kimonos, Mt. Fuji, which one did you get? The paper used is Cosmo Air Light, which does not bleed through even when written on with a fountain pen or oil-based magic marker. It is very comfortable to write on and perfect to write yourself a reminder of how awesome you are while planning your New Year’s resolutions!


Etching Clips from midori

These clips are engraved on stainless steel to express delicate designs, and each card-sized case contains an assortment of four different clips. It can securely hold up to approximately 10 sheets of copy paper. The designs represent Japanese lucky charms: Daruma, Manekineko, Shishimai, Inubariko, and more, perfect for the New Year. To make it easy to take out your favorite clip, the case can be slid open and closed from either side. The edge of the case is sloped to allow the thin clip to slide out smoothly. The case pattern also incorporates Japanese patterns such as ichimatsu and small flowers, and the logo is designed in brush strokes!


Watoji no Chigireru Memo from Shogado

This memo pad is carefully designed and crafted in Kyoto. Shogado is a traditional Japanese Washi Paper company, and they only make the finest paper. You’ll feel it right away from the touch, it’s unique. Now, what stands out about this beautiful memo pad, is the thin thread that keeps it together. This is called Watoji (和とじ), and on the inside, you’ll see a dotted line that easily allows you to detach your notes. It’s another beautiful way for you to write down some positivity, because you deserve it!


Message Card from NB

The year is coming to an end, and it’s gift giving season. To make your gifts more personalized, we’ve included this beautiful modern Japanese message card from NB. It comes with a mizuhiki charm (水引チャーム) of Mount Fuji or a traditional Japanese flower pattern, which is popular here in Japan. The mizuhiki charms can carefully be removed and used as accessory parts and decoration at home too!


Masking Roll Sticker from Bande

On to some original masking tape from Bande. It’s fun, it’s colorful, and the patterns look like they could be wagashi sweets or traditional Japanese illustrations! One of them will be included in your box. You can peel off each design and use them as stickers to decorate your notes, memos, or gift cards and making yourself very hungry while doing so. I mean, who doesn’t like some fresh wagashi?


Textile・Maste Hakuoshi from SOU・SOU x mt

We love collaborations, and SOU SOU, one of Japan’s most popular stores, partnered with Mt, one of Japan’s best stationery and especially washi tape supplies to make this unique design. It incorporates elements of traditional Japanese culture, such as the crane, a sign of good luck often used for celebrations, like the New Year! Use this tape wisely, as you might run out of it faster than you think!


Suisei Ball Pen Fude Ball from Ohto

This is not just any kind of pen. It’s a new type of ballpoint pen that can be used like a brush. Direct liquid type water-based ballpoint, which will give you the sensation of writing with a brush, perfect for some calligraphy or artwork. The pigment ink is water and light resistant, and comes with a 1.5 mm thickness. Try yourself at some traditional Japanese brush strokes to write your New Year’s card! It’s all going to depend on the pen pressure you apply when using it. If you’ve never had a pen like that before, practice on some piece of paper before adding it to your notes


Kumamori Keshigomu from Qla

It looks like candy, but it’s not. This is an adorable little bear that works as an eraser! Isn’t it cute? You nearly don’t want to use it. We have 6 different color variations available, and each of them is a good luck charm for something different! The purple one will give you great friendships The red one will keep you fit and healthy The pink one will bring you lots of love The blue one will have you succeed in your studies The light blue one will make you very popular The yellow one will bring you wealth (Do not eat them, they are not candies, but erasers)