Japanese Stationery Box

Polar Lights - December 2022

Winter is the best season to witness the beauty of polar lights, and if you can’t make it to the northern part of the world, we’ll deliver it to you in this gorgeous Polar Lights stationery box from Japan. Finely crafted items and elegant designs to beautify your artwork!



We love letter sets, and now is probably the best season to have a staple available to send out for the holidays! This set comes with hologram foil that allows you to enjoy the changes in light like an aurora depending on how you include the paper. Actually, NORDLYS is the word for Aurora in Norvegian. The color gradation is based on the image of the sky from dusk to dawn, and each has a title representing the time period.



Do you ever feel like there is not enough space on your desk to add a notebook in front of you? We’ve got the solution. This is the perfect size to put in front of a 13-inch PC. When closed, it's about the size of a large smartphone. Inside, you’ll find a grid with a composition line on the left side. It's so thin that it doesn't stand out too much, so you don't have to worry about ignoring it.


Dual Metallic Brush from Pentel

This one is a piece we’ve been especially excited to get you! A dual metallic brush from Pentel. Thanks to its special ink, if you write on black paper, the color will change! You can see two kinds of colors at the same time: vividly colored "dye ink" and plenty of "lame pigment". The colors of the glitter pigments stand out more when you write on dark-colored paper. It's perfect to put some accent on illustrations and letters! Since it is using the same pen tip as a writing brush, it can be used freely from fine details to large surfaces.


Mildliner 3 colors from ZEBRA

A set of 3 colors to make sure you don’t forget any highlights in your day… and on your notebook! Zebra is one of Japan’s most respected pen producer, and those midliners are right up there on the list of quality stationery we want to use every day!


Masking Tape Lace from King Jim

King Jim is working had on using innovative adhesive technologies to their masking tapes and giving you the option to easily stick and peel off your tape to reuse elsewhere! The designs are transparent and fit quite well as a decoration on your water bottle, notebooks and more: like cute Christmas notes to your family!


Kitta Wide from King Jim

Here’s another masking tape for your collection, but since one’s wide: 21 mm. Despite the width, it is a compact masking tape that is portable because it is not bulky and easy to use with sharp edges. We recommend this one for wrapping all your Christmas gifts!


Bijou Mini Message Card from Elcommune

It’s card season! Christmas is just around the corner, so we’ve prepared a few beautiful jewelry shaped cards. The card is simple, and beautiful with its clean die cut golden lines. Perfect to write wish cards and add to your presents.


Flake Stickers from Qla

Some beautiful and soft flake stickers (フレークシール) with a very nuanced color palette (ニュアンシーパレット). We have a huge pile of stickers at our office, and many reasons to use them. They are easy to stick and peel, perfect for your phone case. And, of course, also for anything else. If you get bored seeing it in one place, take it off and stick it elsewhere!


Whiper PT 4mm from Plus

A very stylish and convenient whiper (ホワイパー) from Plus. It’s well-balanced and has a natural feel in your hand. You can easily include it in your travel kit. The whitening tape is straight and smooth to pull, with a special tape that is hard to scrape off, making sure you’ve got a clean sheet to work with! Most importantly, the replacement tape has an eco-friendly design that reduces the amount of waste!