Japanese Stationery Box

Retro Nippon - August 2022

New artist collaboration! French designer Paiheme gifted us some of his beautiful artwork to create unique stationery items for you. With a retro-Japan look, make your studying and work more fun and don’t miss out on those limited items only available in our Retro Nippon Stationery Box.


PAIHEME STUDIO x ZenPop Original Letter Set

When talking about the project with Paiheme, the takoyaki launcher was one of our favorite designs to begin with! Being from Osaka, the octopus (tako, たこ) is one of our most popular dishes, especially when prepared as a takoyaki (たこ焼き), fried octopus with batter shaped as a ball. Paiheme’s original take on this cute little eight-limbed mollusc was too good to pass on! We went for a unique letter set design as we thought that it would be nice to have some creative envelopes and matching paper to write an original letter to a loved one. Although, we’d totally understand if you’d like to keep it for yourself!


Miyako Hitohira Sen from Soshido

Why not add some cute Japanese culture in your stationery collection? The cute package of Japanese traditional kimono is actually a memo pad. Each stationary pad from Miyako Hitohira design comes with a design that has a meaning behind the traditional pattern. Miyako refers to Japan’s imperial capital Kyoto. Hitohira means one leaf translated into English. In addition to the lovely pattern, this stationary can be conveniently used in the office or at home. Assembled together, you can make a standing notepad for your desk. Since the assembly method and the meaning of the pattern are posted on the back of the package, it is also recommended as a small gift for weddings, birthdays, daily gratitude, etc.


Posca Metallic Gokuboso from Mitsubishi

Have you tried sketching with POSCA markers yet? POSCA is a famous marker loved by creative hobbyists to professional illustrators. These markers are filled with opaque metallic ink, which makes it possible to overdraw light colors even on black and dark colors. This unique aspect of POSCA creates vivid colored illustrations and vector-like graphic design. Notebooks, canvas, windows, wood, fabric - let your creativity soar on the material of your choice! And the best thing, you can keep your precious notebook clean since the markers don’t bleed!


Culicule Retro from Kutsuwa

Grab your notebook and dive into the sixties! Kutsuwa pens are not ordinary stationery pens with ink cartridges: they are actually colored pencils with a polished retro touch! To start sketching, turn the main unit clockwise to extend the pencil lead. The lead is stored safely inside the pen so it doesn’t break and unlike normal crayons there is no need to sharpen the top. What is more, the color pens don’t bleed, which makes them perfect for shading, graduation and subtle hues. Decorate your notebook with fun sketches inspired by these three earthy retro colors!


Local Mistukaru Sticker Kansai from Kamio Japan

Find your favorite attractions from Kansai, the birth place of ZenPop! The region of Kansai 関西 literally translates to "west of the border”. Kansai can be considered as Japan's spiritual and cultural capital. As you can see, these stickers include many beautiful Japanese cultural spots as well as more local specialities found only in the Kansai area. Discover the hidden secrets of spiritual Nara, vibrant Osaka's city life, dive into the cultural heart of Kyoto and take a stroll on the sophisticated port city of Kobe. This sticker set contains lot’s of local dishes, souvenirs, sightseeing spots and fun Kansai dialect phrases - the essence of the Kansai.


Piece Silver from mt mt fab 

Let your creativity shine ideas with this masking tape! We found you silver masking tape that glitters dazzlingly. You will be fascinated by the luminous effect that changes depending on the angle. Recommended for wrapping and making notebooks, as well as for shiny gifts!


PAIHEME STUDIO x ZenPop Original Pouch

Here’s another original item that you’ll only ever get in our stationery box! We went for this retro design and had it printed on a pouch by one of the stationery producers we work with. The results are awesome, and this pouch is perfect to keep some of your dearest items together in one place, at home, or on the go! Arcade games, 1970s phones, cassette recorders: are you old enough to remember all those? So much nostalgia in one single design, and we love it!


Kabuki Paper Clip from Soubei

Dive into the theatrical world of Kabuki, a dramatic performance art from Japan! The traditional kabuki (歌舞伎) shows include storytelling, dance performances and elaborate costumes. One of the characteristics of kabuki is that the kabuki actors wear a bulk and dramatic stage makeup known as Kumadori. Enjoy this kumadori designed paper clip that is environmentally friendly.


Nerikeshi from Seed

Pen and eraser are the very first stationery items for many people. This time we would like to introduce you to a new type of creative tool from Japan, nerikeshi. Nerikeshi is a kneaded eraser that can be bent to desired shape to erase pencil marks. The nerikeshi leaves behind no eraser residue and lasts much longer than usual erasers! However this is not an ordinary nerikeshi because it glows in the dark! What is more, it has a fruity pineapple scent.