Japanese Stationery Box

Evening Sky - July 2022

Summer evening skies are beautiful, and this stationery pack is an ode to that beauty. Simple, elegant and practical, everything you’re looking for in your next stationery haul.


Uni Ball One Saturday Morning 3pcs Assorted Set from Mitsubishi Pencil

Can’t wait for the weekend? This three-color pencil set takes you on a relaxing summer weekend vacation from the hectic everyday life. The packaging is designed with refreshing and vibrant colors inspired by Japanese city pop (シティ・ポップ) that appealed to the music and movies of 1980s urban Japan. Even though the genre disappeared from Japanese mainstream music, the trend of vintage Japanese has recently hit various online platforms and even Japanese stationery! The Saturday Morning -set contains colors Sunny Day Blue, Palm Green and Yellow. Enjoy creating summery cards and illustrations to surprise your friends and family!


KiraKira Masking Tape Beach from World Craft

There is nothing better than a calming day spent at the beach. World Craft washi tape features prints of sandy beach and seashells, making an excellent choice for your Summer stationery collection. We’ve chosen this item to upgrade your kirakira (キラキラ) sparkling stationery. Arrange it cutely to decorate your notebook and create summery notes with sparkling glitter and aqua blue foil.


Letter Set Yozora to Hoshi from Tsutsumu.co

Hot summer nights in Japan are the perfect time for stargazing and sky watching. The July’s stationery set from tsutsumu.co delivers your dreamy thoughts in the form of a blue sea of shining stars. The letter set is pairing starry sky stationery design with a transparent envelope, making it a personalized summer gift idea. Insert the letter paper inside the envelope and enjoy how the golden star foiling creates an overlapping pattern with the decorative stationery. The receiver of your starry letter will get a burst of excitement!


Tape Glue Norinopod from Plus

Looking for cute but efficient stationery? Japanese stationery company Plus has thought about your future when developing this stationery series with cute illustrations. The tape glue Noripod is part of the brand series COE365 with eco-friendly stationery. The Noripod is made from recycled resin and recycled newspapers and magazines are used in the packaging paper. In addition, your favorite stationery can be used for a long time since it's a reusable feature! Just replace the dispenser refill tape. Not too sticky, no waste and easy to use! And make sure you scan the QR code on the packaging for some relaxing ambient sound and a lovely story.


Natsuiro Wafu Stickers from Active Corp

These Japanese-style summer stickers are almost too cute to use! Get inspired by Japanese summer time and create your favorite designs by combining the three stickers. First, wind chimes (furin 風鈴) are used in Japan on hot summer days to bring a feeling of coolness. Then we have goldfish, they indicate wealth and are one of the most known symbols of hot summer days in Japan. And of course, we have cats, they like to sleep under the shades during a hot summer day in the Japanese countryside.


Kininaru Anoko Stand Stick Marker from Mindwave ティックマーカー

Do you have a person in mind you would like to surprise? To write a heartfelt personal note, don’t miss out this new sticker note series from Mindwave! Kininaru Anoko (気になるあのこ) is a fashionable stationery with delicate illustrations designed in earthy colors. Each note pad has a different character illustration which can be paired together as cute couples when placed on your desk side by side. Perfect stationery to convey your thoughts or used as a small gift.


MARU liner from Epoch Chemical

These maru liners ensure your daily crafting needs. As its name suggests, (マル/round) maru liner comes with a round pen tip, allowing you to draw smooth lines without changing the drawing angle. Unlike the usual stationery marker, crafting with maru-liner is quick and convenient. Simply adjust the pen pressure to decide how thick or thin lines you want to draw.


Sorairo Pallete Message Card from Ryu Ryu

Get inspired by these stunning sky illustrations made by Ryu Ryu. The stationery card set contains five different sky patterns, including three message sheets of each design. One side is designed in rainbow palette and the other comes as a plain message field. The business card-size makes it convenient for writing short messages, and thank you notes to your friends and family.


Minimini Memo from Crux / Q-lia

These cute memo pads are part of the stationery company Q-lia’s aoharu series. The Japanese word aoharu (アオハル or 青春) has two meanings. The character 青 (ao) means blue and 春 (haru) means spring, and so aoharu literally meaning “blue spring”. But there is another way of pronouncing the kanji 青春: seishun, which means “youth” or “best time of life”. Aoharu in Japan is often associated with junior high school students who live their life to the fullest and share a good time with their friends. During a weekend stroll in Tokyo and you can find a variety of aoharu themed movie posters, magazines and stationery items in Japanese department stores. If you found sentimental illustrations paired with a soft and dreamy color palette, they are most likely aoharu design!