Japanese Stationery Box

Translucid Dreams - June 2022

May often means the start of the rainy season in Japan! There's no reason to let our heads down, quite the contrary: we found some beautiful stationery items that fit right in the theme, and you’ll enjoy using them on your next creative project, or for work!


Transparent Crayon from Kokuyo

Rediscover the pleasure of drawing with this translucent oil gel crayon. It’s a new type of crayon developed by Kokuyo that allows you to see through the line drawing as if you were drawing it with transparent watercolors. It comes in a 5-color set and a case to keep everything neatly organized. Fun fact: this crayon is actually very popular in art museums in Japan!


Resin Drop Stickers from Midori

Part of Midori’s sticker collection, resin (レジン) stickers are made of transparent resin, and have a beautiful translucent feel. The "Shizuku pattern" (しずく/ rain drop) is quite unique and expresses a rainbow-like shining drop with gradation and transparency of the resin. With motifs that are easy to use in a wide range of applications and designs that look like accessories with colors and foils that show through beautifully, these transparent resin stickers can be used to decorate letters, cards, notebook covers, and other items in a cute way.


Masking Tape 5mm from World craft / BGM

Here’s your monthly stock of masking tape. We opted for a thin, 5mm Kira Kira tape (キラキ ラ) from either World Craft or BGM, 2 innovating masking tape designs. The colorful floral pattern is perfect for the coming summer. It’s got a golden flush as a base layer, and that makes the flower pop out even more. It’s perfect to decorate a lovely letter or personalize your notebook!


Dew Drop Brilliance Stamp from Tsukineko

Do you like all things shiny? So do we! This Brilliance (ブリリアンス) Stamp is a type of inkpad that you can use to beautify your stamps. Use it for some DIY craft by applying the ink to the surface you’d like to use as a stamp! 4 colors are available, and each of them is more beautiful than the other one!


Transparent Clip from Greenflash

We all sometimes get overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork laying on our desks. It’s time to put an end to this. Use those convenient transparent clips for organizing and marking documents. When attached, a cute motif appears at the top: because of course, we couldn’t resist the chance to find some kawaii clips!


Letter set Sora no Iro from Kyowa Shiko

The "Colors of the Sky" series is now expanding with a letter set and a second series with beautiful sunrises and sunsets! We’ve got 4 unique designs depicting Japan’s beautiful summer skies at different types of the day. On top of the fresh summer sky, those pink and orange skies are typical of Japan’s summer evenings, just as the crisp white clouds swooshing through during the day. You’ll receive one out of 4 available designs. We hope that you’ll appreciate this series of beautiful sky colors with different atmospheres.


Mildliner Brush from Zebra

These brush-type markers can be used for both coloring and writing some elegant calligraphy (書道, shodo). The markers can be used for both ultra-fine and fine writing: yes, that’s ultra-fine that you just read. We’re quoting the maker here, but Zebra always lives up to expectations! The markers can be used for writing in large or small areas, depending on how you need to use them. The ink has a gentle and soft tint. It does not interfere too much with the text in the notebook, and doesn’t go through the page! It can also be used to add some decoration to your notes!


Risette Notebook A6 from NB

A6 size is perfect to write some personal notes, or use to keep important ideas jotted down on paper for better brainstorming! NB produced this Risette-Smile notebook designed to “make you smile and snuggle up like a blooming flower”. It’s that lovely? The cover is made of textured paper, and the inside of the notebook is filled with gentle cream-colored paper. The thread binding is accented with the color of the spine and they used a system of blue layers to create a cohesive yet eye-catching design. To your pencils and to your notes!


Correction Tape Petit-corre from Pentel

Here we have a colorful and efficient correction tape. It can always come in handy when accidentally making a mistake! It’s cute, small, compact and easy to fit in any pencil case, wherever you go! We’ve got 2 soft colors available, blue and purple. Which one did you get in your box?