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Japanese Ramen Box

Merry Ramen - December 2022

How about a box filled with warm and comforting Japanese noodles for Christmas? They are perfect for those long and cold winter nights. Slurp them yourself or gift them to a loved one, everyone will be happy with some tasty noodles and to discover original Japanese flavors!


Cup Star Garlic Shrimp Aji from Sanyo Shokuhin

Allergens: shrimp, wheat, egg, dairy, squid, sesame, soy, chicken, pork, gelatin Processed in a facility that also processes crab Cooking time: 3 minutes I am Batman. We’ve all wanted to say it at least once in our lives, and Christmas is the time. This limited-edition ramen from Sanyo Shokuhin (サンヨー食品) comes with a unique Batman packaging and a new flavor! There are 6 unique lid patterns available. It’s a lovely garlic shrimp-flavored (ガーリックシュリンプ味) ramen with unique Batman-shaped kamaboko! The savory flavor of the shrimp is combined with rich garlic, and a little spiciness from the black pepper.


Sumatan x Wantanmen Donburi Ebishio Aji from Acecook

Allergens: shrimp, wheat, dairy, sesame, soy, chicken, pork Cooking time: 3 minutes This is a new collaboration with the TV show "Asanama Wide Su-Matan!". Ramen lovers Sato Anna and Mori Anna have heavily contributed to making this cup original! The noodles have just the right amount of elasticity and stiffness. They are also seasoned to match the broth perfectly. It’s a shrimp flavored salt soup (エビ塩味). The light soup takes its flavors from the garlic and ginger flavored vegetables with a hint of pepper: it’s a combination that you can just keep on eating. Especially with filling wontons, fried shrimp with red pickled ginger, and colorful green onions as a topping!


Charumera Donburi Tokyo Kaidashi Chuka Soba from Myojo Shokuhin

Allergens: wheat, egg, dairy, shrimp, pork, chicken, soy Processed in a facility that also processes buckwheat, and crab Cooking time: 3 minutes Tokyo-style Chinese soba noodles with scallops, clams, and a shellfish broth. The savory flavors of scallops, chicken, and potherbs go well with the soft noodles. Paired with char siu and bamboo shoots, it’s a perfect winter comfort food. You may be wondering now, what’s Tokyo-style (東京) Chinese soba, and I’d say, it’s a very good question. Commonly known as chuka soba (中華そば), this version uses shellfish broth (貝だし) instead of the traditional one, together with soy sauce! That makes for a very, very rich broth.


Itsumo no Ippai Wantanmen ShoyuTonkotsu from Toyo Suisan

Allergens: wheat, egg, dairy, soy, pork, gelatin Cooking time: 3 minutes The series Itsumo no Ippai (いつもの一杯) from Toyo Suisan is one that we like to keep an eye on, because it often goes under the radar. They aren’t famous for releasing original flavors, but rather making classics excellent, like this Wonton soy sauce tonkotsu ramen (ワンタン麺) with smooth noodles and pork flavor base with vegetables and garlic. Wonton noodles are originally of Cantonese origin, and consist of egg noodles with a hot broth, vegetables, and the famous wonton dumplings that gave them their name. Nowadays, you can find many different regional variations of the dish, including Japanese ones! Give it a try and see for yourself!


Tategata Nomihosu Ippai Sapporo Ebi Miso Ramen from Acecook

Allergens: shrimp, wheat, egg, dairy, sesame, soy, pork Cooking time: 3 minutes Miso ramen is always good to have in storage, and originally comes from Sapporo, Hokkaido where they have freezing winters. This one is part of a local series using fresh ingredients. With smooth noodles, this miso soup is made with flavored vegetables that really bring out the flavor of the shrimp. It’s topped with deep-fried shrimp, red pickled ginger, fried balls, minced soybeans, green onions, and chili peppers.


Oishi Naniwa no Ushio Ramen Shoyu from Acecook

Allergens: wheat, egg, dairy, sesame, soy, chicken, pork, gelatin Processed in a facility that also processes shrimp and crab Cooking time: 3 miutes Naniwa (なにわ) is the old city name from Osaka, and those Naniwa Ushio Ramen with Soy Sauce are quite special! The soup stock is made with "Unused fish" from Osaka Bay. The idea was to contribute to food loss reduction by creating a new and original product! The aroma and umami of the well-seasoned seafood stock lasts until the very last slurp, creating a cup that you won't get tired of. Together with seasoned minced chicken, crunchy bamboo shoots, and colorful green onions, it’s a savory cup of noodles.


Nissin no Donbei Ontsuyu Osoumen Mini from Nissin

Allergens: wheat, egg, dairy, shrimp, soy Cooking time: 3 minutes Somen noodles (そうめん) are usually quite light, and this one is no exception. This smaller version is for when you’re hungry, but not that much. With warm yuzu flavor, the soup has a very characteristic scent, and plenty of pleasing aromas.