Japanese Ramen Box

Koinobori - May 2022

Koinobori (鯉のぼり), meaning "carp streamer" in Japanese, are carp-shaped windsocks traditionally flown to celebrate Tango no sekku (端午の節句), used to celebrate Children's Day (Kodomo no Hi, 子供の日)! Make sure you don’t miss out on our Koinobori ramen selection!


Kyusyu Tonkotsu Yakisoba from Peyoung

Allergens: wheat, sesame, soy, pork Cooking time: 1 minute Here’s an original twist to a classic ramen dish: Kyushu's famous pork bone ramen, tonkotsu (豚骨) was turned into a Peyang Yakisoba. These newly developed thin noodles are ready in one minute only and reproduce to a tee the delicious tonkotsu taste. Those are probably the first thin noodles in the history of Peyang with 1 minute of boiling water, but the crunchy texture (called barikata, バリカタ), representative of Hakata tonkotsu, is a pleasure to eat, and the pork extract of the sauce is more authentic than you’d expect. Mustard and pickled ginger come in to enhance the strong flavors of the pork bone broth base.


Noodle and Soup Only Kohaku Shellfish Dashi Chuka Soba from Myojo

Allergens: wheat, egg, dairy, shrimp, pork, chicken, mackerel, soy, sesame, gelatin Produced in a facility that also processes crab Cooking time: 4 minutes Jumping on the train of simple noodle preparations, Myojo is releasing yet another tasty dashi-only cup of noodles focused on clam aromas! The flavors are simple yet intriguing. The secret lies in the texture of the noodles, soft with a mellow wheat flavor, and the broth, smooth and full of umami! Those noodles have a slightly different preparation method! First: Put the dashi bag (the broth) in the bowl WITHOUT opening it. Second: Pour in hot water up to the indicated line. Third: Wait 4 minutes, and dip the dashi bag 10 times just like you’d dip a tea bag, and take it out! Fourth, add the remaining mix, and stir well before eating! Grab your chopsticks and go!


Nomihosu Ippai Kyoto Seabura Shoyu Ramen from AceCook

Allergens: wheat, egg, dairy, sesame, soy, chicken, pork, gelatin Cooking time: 3 minutes Nomihosu Ippai is a series from Acecook that always leaves us satisfied. This cup is no different. The Soy sauce based soup has a very clean finish, and the richness of the backfat adds a lot of flavors to it. It comes with a well-balanced feel of sharpness to the tongue, and richness that’ll have the taste lingering in your nose for a while. Paired with some medium-thick noodles with excellent slickness, the menma (メンマ) and green onion toppings give it a crunchy finish. It’s harder than it looks to create a good cup of instant noodles, but Acecook knows what they’re doing!


Nissin no Tantanmen from Nissin

Allergens: wheat, egg, dairy, peanuts, pork, chicken, soy, sesame Cooking time: 3 minutes What are Tantanmen? Easy: Tantanmen (担々麵) is the Japanese take on Chinese Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles. Ramen noodles are swimming in a savory soup spiced up with rayu (ラー油, Japanese chili oil), with a mellow nutty flavor from the soy milk and sesame paste. This cup actually features some Chinese pepper, and chili peppers. If you like it a little more spicy, this is your cup of noodles! Chewy noodles are added into a delicious minced pork mix, and ready to eat in 3 minutes only!


MARUCHAN QTTA Seafood Flavor from Toyo Suisan

Allergens: shrimp, crab, wheat, egg, dairy, squid, sesame, soy, chicken, pork, gelatin Cooking time: 3 minutes A tasty pick from Maruchan’s QTTA lineup with a savory seafood flavor. This cup is filled with generous toppings and makes you feel like you’re on the seaside, staring at the Japanese Inland Sea (Seto Uchi, 瀬戸内). The noodles are made with a unique manufacturing method and have a chewy texture that matches the creamy soup. The scallops are well-flavored and delicious, paired with squid and a little egg. It's a treat for this spring!


Osobaya san no Curry Nanban Soba from Toyo Suisan

Allergens: wheat, buck wheat, egg, dairy, mackerel, soy, pork, mountain yam Cooking time: 3 minutes Ready for something new and original to celebrate Koinobori? Children will love it for sure! Toyo Suisan’s Curry Nanban Soba comes with a fragrant Japanese-style soup with a distinctive Japanese curry taste. It’s very smooth, and has a hint of spice, but rest assured, it’s only enough to tingle your tongue. The dish is served with deep-fried tofu (おあげ) and kamaboko (蒲鉾), seasoned pork and green onions. The chewyness of the soba paired with the umami of the pork, and the refreshing bitterness of the green onions combined with the Japanese-style soup and curry flavor make this a truly outstanding cup of noodles!


Menshokunin Koidashi Agodashi from Nissin

Allergens: wheat, egg, dairy, pork, chicken, soy Produced in a facility that also processes Cooking time: 4 minutes Finally, to complete our Koinobori celebration pack, we’ve got a new release from the Menshokunin (麺職人, “make them yourselves”) series where classic soup has been turned into stock for even more enhanced and deep dashi flavors (koidashi, 濃いだし). This cup takes full advantage of the umami of its ingredients, and the aromas gently permeate the noodles. It has a crisp soy sauce as a base, and it’s a great match for the ingredients. The main element of your noodles will be the “fried ago” used for the dashi soup: 焼あご. Celebrate your children, celebrate yourself, or celebrate both with this final ramen portion of the pack and the many other noodles we’ve included for you!