Japanese Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack

Hello Halloween - October 2022

It’s Trick or Treat! We’re setting you up for Halloween with this awesome mix of Japanese snacks, ramen and drinks: everything you need to celebrate the spookiest month of the year! Together with some limited edition Pokémon treats, you’re guaranteed to have all the kids in the neighborhood jealous!


Pokémon noodle Jaga Butter Shio from Sanyo Shokuhin

Allergens: wheat, dairy, squid, soy, chicken, pork Processed in a facility that also processes egg Cooking time: 3 minutes This ramen is part of a new release in the Pokémon series from Sanyo! We’ve got the other cup in our ramen pack if you haven’t seen it already! With their unique designs reflecting the Pokémon Masters Tournament, they are quite unique and nostalgic for many! This cup comes with Jaga (じゃが, potato) Butter Shio (塩, salt) flavored ramen noodles and a cute Pikachu fish paste. The noodles have a supple, sticky texture, and are seasoned to blend well with the soup. The shio-flavored soup has the umami of chicken with the mild flavor of butter and the richness of aromatic vegetables. Topped with some potato, cabbage, and Pikachu fish cake, this ramen is a delightful lunch! Although the cup may be the same, they have different versions of the lid! Share a photo of the one you got with us! #zenpopjapan


Nissin no Edo Soba from Nissin

Allergens: wheat, buckwheat, egg, dairy, shrimp, mackerel, soy Cooking time: 3 minutes Nissin's has a special series called “Kodawari Ingredients”. In Japanese, the word Kodawari (こだわり) doesn’t have any direct translation, but it can be explained as “the uncompromising and relentless pursuit of perfection”. This is something many Japanese strive for in the process of creating things. For this cup noodle, Nissin paid close attention to the ingredients, and decided to feature straight soba noodles that are very smooth, together with a flavorful soup that uses mellow and deep flavored whole soybean soy sauce and Yaizu-processed bonito flakes to bring out the flavor Edo (江戸), is actually the old name for the city of Tokyo, and therefore this recipe is a local soba (そば) recipe from the Kanto region where Tokyo lies today. Those Edo soba "special ingredients" are colorful one-piece tempura, Yaizu-processed bonito and 100% whole soybean soy sauce for the soup.


Hoshi Tabeyo Pokémon Halloween from Kuriyama Beika

Allergens: wheat, soy, chicken Processed in a facility that also processes shrimp, crab, egg, dairy, and peanuts Did you know that the first Halloween (ハロウィン) celebration in Japan happened at Tokyo’s Disneyland in 1997? In Osaka, we have Halloween specials at Universal Studio since 2011, which is still fairly recent! But when it comes to snacks, Japan is miles ahead. Every year, lots of limited edition snacks are released like this one from Kuriyama Beika. Design wise, Japan cannot let go of the Kawaii when it comes to displaying snacks on shelves, and here we have extremely cute and spooky Halloween treats in collaboration with Pokémon wrapped in a JUMBO packaging for even more fun! Those are truly rare, adorable to a fault, but are guaranteed to make everyone rejoice when receiving them during a trick or treat evening! Each packaging is unique, and comes with a different set of Pokémon ! You gotta catch ‘em all!


Petagoo Gumi Grape from Nobel

Allergens: gelatin Yes, it’s September, and we’re already setting you up for Halloween. We have to. Don’t you ever feel like it’s suddenly October 31st, and you haven’t fully prepped yet? We won’t let you down, and make sure all the kids from the neighborhood get the best trick or treat experience ever! The texture just right to be addictive! You just want to keep chewing those tasty, juicy grape-flavored Petagoo (ペタグー) gummies (グミ) until they take you all the way to another dimension.


Noir Usuyaki Annoimo Cream from YBC

Allergens: wheat, dairy, soy Processed in a facility that also processes egg Let’s stay in the Fall vibes and prepare the beautiful Momiji season (紅葉季節, color-changing maple leaves season) in Japan. Those delicious newly released biscuits are a delight for your senses. Sandwiched yellow Anno potato (a type of sweet potato) cream with purple Noir biscuits. By taking advantage of the sweetness of the Anno potato skin and the matching color with the purple biscuit, those thinly baked treats from Noir make you feel like autumn even from the appearance.


Puti Shittori Choco Cookie from Bourbon

Allergens: dairy, wheat, egg, soy Hungry like a bear; those Choco Cookies from Bourbon are soooo good. With this special purple packaging for the Halloween season! They are small, they are dense, they are rich in flavor and everything you want out of a cookie. Plus, this packaging design makes it easy to bring with you and share with your friends.


Monster Stamp Cola from Yaokin

Allergens: orange, pork, gelatin Processed in a facility that also processes dairy Doesn’t this remind you of the classic movies Dracula and The Mummy? Those were good times. Thankfully, we might get new and even better adaptations in the future! In the meantime, we can get some satisfaction from those tasty stamp cola, which you can like and use like a stamp! For hygienic purposes, we recommend not stamping it on paper and eating it after, but how about adding something unique to your pancakes in the morning?!


Purusshu Ajiwai Grape from Daido

New month, new drink! Let’s discover something unique from Japan: the best jelly carbonated drink you can find, Purusshu Ajiwai (ぷるっシュ 味わい). You’ll get an explosion of sensations through the “plump” texture of the jelly and the refreshing fizz from the carbonation. With a refreshing grape flavor, this drinks is guaranteed to leave you satisfied and look for newer sensations!