Japanese Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack

Summer Set Up - June 2022

It’s a pack full of delicious collaborations to set you up for summer! Some chocolate, some cheese, some ramen, what more can you ask for? We’ve got plenty of holiday plans this summer, and all of them include trying some of Japan’s best seasonal treats!


The Tanrei Ramenya Shima Kansyu Syoyu Ramen from Myojo

Allergens: wheat, egg, dairy, shrimp, pork, chicken, squid, mackerel, soy, gelatin Cooking time: 5 minutes The淡麗, a dish with the flavors of chicken and clams, layered in a dashi soy sauce broth. 淡麗 (Tanrei) means that the soup is clear with a strong umami. The combination of chicken and clams has been used in many famous restaurants before, but this one stands out. "Ramenya Shima" is from "Shina Sobaya" owned by Minoru Sano, who is known as the “devil of ramen”, so one can expect a delicate taste. In fact, the restaurant's taste is highly acclaimed and there is a huge line of customers every day. This cup ramen comes with a clear, light broth with a chicken-based soy sauce flavor and seafood, including clams, and kelp. The base chicken is softly aromatic, while the seafood is complex, with clams as the main ingredient but with other seafood flavors as well. The soup is harmonious, with a complex yet elegant flavor that can be enjoyed. This cup noodle is a fantastic representation of what you could get at the restaurant, so after trying those, make sure to stop by Ramenya Shima on your next visit to Japan!


Netsuretsu Chuka Syokudo Hidakaya Kansyu Chuka soba from Sanyo Shokuhin

Allergens: wheat, dairy, sesame, mackerel, soy, chicken, pork Cooking time: 3 minutes This is a new product, "Chinese Soba Supervised by Hidakaya, a passionate Chinese restaurant," is a cup ramen that reproduces Hidakaya's famous "Chinese noodles," which are loved by a wide range of generations in Japan. Hidakaya is famously committed to the creation of delicious Chinese-style noodles and focus on the flavor of the quality of their ingredients. The noodles are made from carefully selected wheat flour and are made with a vacuum mixing method to ensure a smooth texture. The soup is made from high-quality, nutrient-rich ingredients such as chicken, chicken bones, and pork. Itadakimasu!


Morinaga x Mr.donut Koeda Chocofashion from Morinaga

Allergens: wheat, dairy, soy Produced in a facility that also processes egg Here’s one collaboration we’ve been waiting for: Mister Donut and Morinaga. When 2 giants of the dessert & snack industry meet, only good things can come out of it. The taste of this confection is inspired by the Koeda chocolate fashion (小枝チョコファッション) of Mister Donut. The twigs are crunchy and come with a punch of chocolate!


Aerial Noko Cheddar Cheese from YBC

Produced in a facility that also processes shrimp, crab and egg Do you like some puffy chips? We certainly do, and those cheesy treats come with 4 layers, so we can’t say no! Those corn snacks are made by YBC’s original manufacturing method. By stacking four thin cone bases, it is a product that creates a light and novel texture. It has a rich cheddar cheese flavor with the W seasoning method. There’s too much mystery around the product for us to know exactly how they do it, but one thing’s for sure: it’s tasty!


Pukupuku Tai Lemonade C from Meito

Allergens: dairy, wheat, soy Produced in a facility that also processes egg and peanut Taiyaki-type “air-in chocolate” using "Meito Lemonade C", a popular Vitamin C and Vitamin E powered drink. Tai is a type of fish, also known in English as Sea Bream. It’s said to bring good luck, and Taiyaki, a common type of desert, takes its name from the shape in which it’s being baked. This Pukupuku Tai (ぷくぷくたい) comes filled with chocolate, which is inspired by the flavor of Meito’s long-selling product "Meito Lemonade C", in a cute Taiyaki-shaped wafer.


Mini Purin Chan Choco from Tanseido

Allergens: dairy, egg, soy Tanseido Mini Pudding-chan (ミニプリンちゃん) is a delicate treat with chocolate flavor, and it comes with a little fortune-telling! The pudding is smooth and will just leave you craving for more. Tanseido has been making snacks for 65 years already, and it all started with the goal to make high-quality dagashi, a traditional type of Japanese sweets. This delicious mini-pudding is the result of all this effort. Savor every bite!


Ace wo Nerae! from Yaokin

Produced in a facility that also processes soy Any tennis players among you? These cute chewing gum imitate the shape of a tennis ball, and the name Ace wo Nerae (エースを狙え) means “aim for the ace”! It’s a tasty dagashi from Yaokin that comes with a fresh flavor. You only get one strike to eat them all, so don’t miss it! (Do not swallow.)


Babystar Ramen Cheese Mini from Oyatsu Company

Allergens: wheat, dairy, soy, chicken, pork, gelatin Produced in a facility that also processes shrimp, crab, buckwheat, egg, and peanut You may have read the story of how Babystar Ramen came to life here or elsewhere before. But it’s worth mentioning again: this tasty and now iconic Japanese snack was created by accident and became an instant hit with the employees of Oyatsu Company! The series has since grown and developed many delicious flavors, including this Ramen Cheese (ラーメンチーズ) one!