Japanese Anime Box

Ninja Supplies

The new Anime Box is here, perfect timing to grow your collection in 2023. Ninja Supplies because we know inside you there’s a Naruto fan, and we’ve got just what you need for your Naruto memorabilia collection. This, and many more unique anime items to welcome to your home!


Naruto Shippuden Yura Yura Head

We’ve got some big Naruto fans on the team, and we hope that you are too. To start the year with a unique collection of anime goodies, we picked a Yura Yura head (ゆらゆらヘッド) for you! This collection of bouncing head figures is expanding little by little, and we’re delighted about the addition of a few Naruto characters. For you, we got our hands on Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto or their teacher, Kakashi! Those characters are based on their design during the Naruto Shippuden (ナルト疾風伝) ark. Which one was your favorite?


SPY×FAMILY Hagu Chara Collection

SPY x FAMILY (スパイファミリー) has been a huge hit here in Japan, and everyone’s already looking forward to season 2 coming out in 2023 together with a movie. It’s just a matter of time for the tidal wave to sweep over Europe and the USA. This collection of cute plushies with movable hands and legs is perfect to attach them somewhere in your room and make them a unique part of your anime collection!


Genshin Impact Acrylic Charm Collection03

Have you played Genshin Impact (原神)? Here’s a lovely charm (チャーム) with characters from the game. They are so high in demand that this is already the 3rd collection (コレクション03). The game is an awesome open world game to play with friends, or to discover by yourself. If you haven’t tried it yet, you may want to have a look at where your charm comes from!


Pokémon Pocket Monster Pokémon Ring vol.2

Alright, we know that you’ve had your eyes on this Pokéball from the start! But do you know what’s inside? It’s a Pokémon ring (ポケモンリング), with its cute ball to use as a storage box! Start your collection of unique Pokémon jewelry with this super kawaii ring, and discover the endless possibilities of styling them with your outfits.


Tokyo Revengers Chara Ban Choucou Rubber Mascot

Let’s have a look at the first of 2 Tokyo Revengers (東京リベンジャーズ) items that we got you! It’s an adorable rubber mascot (ラバーマスコット). Ban Choucou (ばんちょうこう) is a popular mascot series, and they’ve finally added the Tokyo Revengers characters. Which character did you get?


Tokyo Revengers Flag Tapestry

Here’s something you’re going to love, an awesome poster to hang on your wall! If literally translated, it’s a flag tapestry (フラッグタペストリー), and we know that this sounds funny. It combines some of the main characters from the gang. You’ll easily recognize Takemichi, Manjiro and Ken! We’ve got 2 different designs available, and one of them is in your box! We hope that you like it.


Kirby of the Stars Chigiri Pan Squeeze Mascot

And finally, we had to find something classic for you: Kirby of the stars (星のカービィ). It’s soft, fluffy, and perfect for you to squeeze (スクイーズ). It comes with a packaging that makes it look just like some real Japanese shokupan (食パン, bread). It’s for when you have one of those stressful moments: just grab it, squeeze it, and let it all go away.