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Bond over
Japanese snacks!🎉

Make your teams feel valued with a unique gift set from Japan!
Gift them a new experience with Japan-exclusive
drinks, snacks, sweets and ramen!

Explore gift options

  • Japan-exclusive Drink

    Fanta, Ramune & More!

  • Original Japanese Noodles

    Delicious ramen, soba and udon!

  • Unique Japanese KitKat Flavors

    Regional Japanese KitKat!

  • Original Chips, Salty Snacks

    Made in Japan savory snacks!

  • Surprising Japanese Candy

    Chocolate & candy with awesome flavors!

  • Cakes, Cookies + Breads

    Japanese-style bakery goods!

  • Worldwide Express Delivery

  • Complete Allergen Info

  • Fun facts included

Why Gift ZenPop?🎁

Gift your team a smile with original flavors from Japan

From Shikuwasa Fanta to Oreo KitKats, take a break and enjoy Japanese snacks, curated by our team in Osaka.

Thoughtfully Curated Gifts Especially for You

We will make a special snack selection just for your teams, select all treats from our partners in Japan, and ship them to you.

Experience the only Snack box from Osaka

With a more personalized selection and experience, discover the only Snack box made in Osaka!

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