About us

The ZenPop Journey so far

In the beginning

ZenPop was established in October 2016 by a group of interns at the now world renowned company ZenMarket (Currently ZenGroup). This was intended as an experimental side project for innovative ways of bringing Japan's unique products to the world.
While ZenMarket allows customers to buy anything from Japan, and have it all shipped to you in one single box, ZenPop became the opposite. The ZenPop team would select their favorite Stationery, Snacks, Noodles & Make-up to have it shipped home to the customers.


Over time, the interns became fully employed experts on Japanese products. As more people became ZenPop Subscribers and the item selection improved, ZenPop could expand the item count of each box and thanks to partnerships with Japanese producers, box prices stayed low.

The dream

ZenPop’s team wanted to share their favorite things with the world, but realized their personal interests were too narrow. They had to help the subscribers find their own favorite things instead. This proved more challenging with certain categories, leading to the ZenPop you see today.

From 2024, ZenPop only provides one category of items, a category that’s been with us since the beginning.

Japanese Stationery

Buying a $15 marker set online, waiting 30 days only to hopefully like them, makes discovering new favorite stationery hard. Subscribing to ZenPop gives you what's new-in and limited in Japan's stationery stores all in one box. No more aimless searching, no more disappointment, only Japanese, limited & inspiring stationery!

The ZenPop stationery subscription has for 8 years helped creatives find their tools of choice, whether it’s for journals, diaries, art, decor, work… the list goes on.
Whatever your craft is, we're confident you'll find your new favorite things with ZenPop, again and again.

ZenPop’s 3 Boxes

Our main attention
The subscription Box!

Look forward to new inspiration in the mail monthly and discover things you never knew you wanted! We regularly include limited edition and newly released items, so you’re bound to get items you didn’t even know existed! Select between 1,3, 6 & 12 month renewal intervals.

For the Stationery curious…
The Starter Box

A box to get you started with Japanese Stationery. It features product types that compliment each other and will give you a taste of what the subscription is like. If you’re not ready to sign up, but still curious about Japanese Stationery, this is for you!

For the power users
The Clearance Box

This is a bulk box of Japanese Stationery from our past subscription boxes. You get a lot of items at a good price, and is great for those who want to stock up on past favorites. As these boxes are collections of past items, stock is limited.