ZenPop's November 2021 Packs

ZenPop's November 2021 Packs

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🍁 It's Momiji season already 🍁


Discover our Fall packs here:


✍️🍂 Stationery - Fall Foliage Inspirations
🍜♨️ Ramen - Heartwarming Noodles
🍬🍁 Sweets - Autumn Treats
🍜🍂 Mix - Japanese Autumn Delights

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Sweets Pack - Autumn Treats


ZenPop Sweets Pack: Autumn Treats



We know you’ve been waiting for those: KitKats in your pack! Discover the taste of autumn with whole grain flavored KitKats, for a wholesome lot of pleasure. Take a stroll under the colorful leaves and pack your picnic bag with lots of Japanese treats to celebrate one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. This month’s Autumn Treats Sweets Pack includes:

  • Custard Pudding from Imuraya
  • Pai no Mi Waguri Mont Blanc Specialité from Lotte
  • KitKat Mini Zenryufun Biscuit from Nestlé
  • LOOK Sweet Potato & Daigaku Imo from Fujiya
  • PLUS so many more delicious snacks to discover!


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Ramen Pack - Hearwarming Noodles


ZenPop's Ramen Pack: Heartwarming Noodles



Autumn is here. The leaves are turning red, the wind is blowing, and early mornings are getting crispier. It’s time to put some fire in the chimney and pull out the blanket for a comfortable evening at home. Make sure to prepare your cup of ramen with a warm and delicious broth from this month’s Heartwarming Noodles Ramen Pack :

  • Super Gattai Original Cup Noodle and Shio from Nissin
  • Charumera Donburi Kumamoto Ma-yu Tonkotsu Ramen from Myojo
  • Umai Tsuyu Tempura Udon from Maruchan
  • Menzukuri Awase Miso from Maruchan
  • PLUS 3 more delightful noodle dishes from Japan!



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Ramen & Sweets Mix Pack - Japanese Autumn Delights


ZenPop's Ramen and Sweets Mix Pack: Japanese Fall Delights



We never get enough of this stunning season. The list of places to visit and be in awe at the beauty of nature is endless. Travel through Japan this Fall with delightful snacks and noodles that will make you feel the spirit of the season. This month’s Japanese Autumn Delights Mix Pack contains:

  • Cup Noodle Porchini Kaoru Kinoko Potage from Nissin 
  • Toppo Satsumariko from Lotte
  • Hagoromo Arare from Bourbon
  • Pride Potato Munakata Yaki Nori Soy Sauce from Koikeya
  • PLUS even more delicious snacks and noodles! 


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Stationery Pack - Fall Foliage Inspirations


ZenPop's Stationery Pack: Japanese Fall Inspirations



Are you more Sakura or fall foliage? We never cease to be amazed by the shades of red, orange, and yellow that are on display across Japan from September to December. Decorate your own room, or make some craft with the matching theme! Momiji leaves, fall sunsets and more are in your Fall Foliage Inspirations Stationery Pack this month:

  • Ippitsusen (small later paper) Aki Issyu from NB
  • Japanese Style Stickers Aki no Fubutsushi from NB
  • Letter Set Sunset from RyuRyu
  • Autumn Masking Tape from BGM
  • PLUS more cute and useful stationery items!


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