Reviews from ZenPop's Top Fans: Madiha

Reviews from ZenPop's Top Fans: Madiha

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Have you met...Madiha?

Madiha, from Canada, is only 8-years-old but is already a self-confessed Japanese stationery lover!

Thank you Madiha and Wahida for your support!


Madiha with her latest ZenPop PackMadiha with our popular Kawaii Halloween Stationery Pack. Photo provided by Madiha's mom, Wahida


Have you ever visited Japan? 

We all want to go there, but I also don't want to go because I do not know what to eat there.

I want to go there because it has so much stationery!


What fascinates you the most about Japanese culture?



How did you hear about ZenPop?

My mom told me about it.


Why did you decide to subscribe to ZenPop?

I liked all the items I got in the first box so I asked my mom if I could get more.


What has your ZenPop experience been like?

Very good! No wait, good, because it comes late sometimes and I am not patient! :)


What were your favorite themes?

The Sakura Box!


Did you have a particular item you loved the most?

I like the fountain pen the most because it is purple and it writes very smoothly.


What do you enjoy most about your ZenPop subscription?

I like it because it gives cool stuff, like a purple fountain pen and a sakura pen, which I like a lot it writes so (hundred so's ) nicely!


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