Reviews from ZenPop's Top Fans: Lan

Reviews from ZenPop's Top Fans: Lan

Sep 30, 2019 Tags 

Have you met...Lan?

Lan, from Germany, is a serious stationery lover (15 ZenPop Stationery Packs and counting) and beautiful artist.

Thank you for your support Lan!


"ZenPop is the longest subscription I ever had and I don't plan on canceling anytime soon. Everything is adorable and useful and everytime I open my mail, and see Luna on my purple box, it feels like my dearest friend has sent me a Christmas present from the heart."


Have you ever visited Japan? 

I have been to Japan once when I was really really small, but I do intend to go again. My father is Japanese/American and my mum Vietnamese.


What fascinates you the most about Japanese culture?

The people always seem so polite and well-mannered. Everything s in such neat order and less chaotic, while on the otherhand it's also so colorful and cute. It's a good mix between culture, business and fun.

Ah...I could write a book on how much I love Japan ha ha!


How did you hear about ZenPop?

I first heard of ZenPop on Instagram.


Why did you decide to subscribe to ZenPop?

Quality Japanese stationery stuff is really difficult to get where I live, unless you want to pay double the usual retail price. The Zenpop Stationery Pack at that time seemed fair and fully packed and after I tested one box, I decided to subscribe.


What has your ZenPop experience been like?

No box has disappointed me and I'm confident future boxes won't either.

Every box is stuffed to the brim with all sorts of different stationery. Nothing feels cheap and it always fits the season.

Customer service is also tops! When my December box was delayed and seemed to have disappeared, ZenPop didn't hesitate to send out a new one. ❤️


What were your favorite themes?

I liked the Spring Joy Stationery Pack a lot and the Kawaii Characters Pack was super adorable too!


Did you have a particular item you loved the most?

It's difficult to choose, but as an artist I'd probably pick all the mechanical pencils. I usually use a different one each day. The washi tape cutter, the clip-free stapler and the new fountain pen (Back to School Stationery Pack) are also being used everyday.


@doolish.arts on InstagramFollow Lan's art account on Instagram @doolish.arts


What do you enjoy most about your ZenPop subscription?

Price is fair. Shipping is free. Stuff is Cute. Customer service is amazing. I enjoy everything!

I do look forward to more Sumikko Gurashi. I love Sumikko Gurashi :>


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