Fresh Starts Pack - Released in April 2018

Fresh Starts Pack - Released in April 2018

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The month of April in Japan is a special time. Not only are the cherry blossoms blooming, but it is also the start of the school year, and the time when new employees begin their jobs. It feels like a new year is beginning and the spring season adds to that fresh start attitude. Enjoy these refreshing Japanese treats and enjoy your own fresh start!

    1. CupStar Kagoshima Chicken
      Chickens become tastier when they are brought up with tasty foods. This ramen uses Iitoko Dori, a branded chicken from Kagoshima. Enjoy the especially tasty umami tastes.
    2. Suan La Tang Noodles
      Suan La Tang means hot and sour soup and it’s a must-have for Asian food lovers! Sesame oil gives an aromatic backdrop flavor to the iconic taste of Asia. Nice and refreshing ramen for your fresh start.
    3. BURNING Cola Gummies
      Believe it or not, these gummy candies BURN FAT. This is produced in collaboration with Men’s TBC, a Japanese beauty salon for men. With a chemical called L-carnitine included, the candies help you lose weight while you’re enjoying the delicious cola flavor. Wish every candy worked like this…!
    4. Fettuccine Gummy - Fruit Punch Flavor
      Chewy gummies al dente. The thin and flat shape looks like Italian fettuccine pasta. Coated with sugar and has a flavor of refreshing fruit punch.
    5. Puchi - Basil Salt Rice Crackers
      A new flavor from Puchi series. Although basil is not usually a common flavor for snacks in Japan, it surprisingly goes well with senbei, a kind of classic Japanese snack. Novel, unique, and moreish!
    6. Grilled Corn Snack
      Made from sweet corns produced in Hokkaido. The toasty flavor of grilled corn is enhanced by the savory tastes of salt and shoyu. Tastes real and natural but crunchy in the texture.
    7. Anpanman - Coro Coro Cookies
      The head of Anpanman is usually a sweet bun, but it’s a cookie here. After munching on the heads of the superhero and his friends, you can transform the box into an Anpanman Car.



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  1. Harvest - Rich Matcha Sandwich Cookies
    Love Matcha? Then you’re gonna love this! Matcha biscuits are filled with matcha cream to create the matcha-fullness. Bittersweet and crunchy!
  2. Little Gang Popping Candy
    Little Gang creates a small popping reaction in your mouth. You can decorate ice cream or whatever with it to give a fun look and mouth feeling. How did you enjoy this one?