BRAND NEW: 🍜 Snack Sensei Mix Pack Out Now! 🍕 Sukiyaki Udon, Spicy Pizza Chips + more!

Japanese Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack

The perfect mix of instant noodles, snacks and candies for the sweet and savory lover!

Master the art of snacking with September's Snack Sensei Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack! You'll enjoy a variety of traditional and brand new snacks, including:

  • Nissin Sukiyaki-Style Udon
  • Calbee's Spicy Pizza Potato Chips
  • Chicken Curry Umaibo (Last Batch)
  • Meiji's Rich Caramel Choc Sandwich
  • PLUS 1 more ramen and 3 more snacks

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September 2009 Current Pack

Snack Sensei

Earn your status this month as a Snack Master with our new Snack Sensei Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack! It includes a bunch of savory snacks that represent real Japan, like Sukiyaki-Style Udon and Edamame Crisps, as well as others with a more modern taste, like Calbee’s new Spicy Pizza Potato Chips. For all your dedication to mastering the art of snacking you've also earned a delicious sweet treat or two! So, we included Meiji's new Rich Caramel Choco Sando!

Your Snack Sensei Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack includes:

  • Nissin Sukiyaki-Style Udon
  • Calbee's Spicy Pizza Potato Chips
  • Chicken Curry Umaibo (Last Batch)
  • Meiji's Rich Caramel Chocolate Sandwich
  • PLUS 1 more ramen and 3 more snacks

2 full-sized noodle dishes plus 6 sweet and savory snacks are included in your ZenPop Ramen + Sweets Mix subscription box.

Full product descriptions, cooking instructions and main allergens can be found inside your ZenPop Pack (in English).

*The photos are for illustrative purposes only. Actual products may vary.

What's Inside a Mix Pack?

2-3 instant noodles PLUS 6-8 Japanese candies, snacks, and treats!

Noodles - Try some of the world's best instant ramen noodles in a wide range of varieties. From ramen to udon to yakisoba and more. You'll get new surprises every month.

Sweets - Gummy candy, chocolate cookies, wacky treats, classic sweets. The world of Japanese candies is wide and wonderful.

Snacks - You’ll eat classic Japanese rice crackers, interesting flavored potato chips, and unique savory snacks you never could have imagined.

Dagashi - Dagashi are playful little snacks rife with nostalgia, but still loved by kids today. It’s a fun way to experience and taste Japanese culture.

Featuring Japanese Brands:

Very interesting things inside this box - fried egg-shaped chocolate, wasabi and beef flavored things that resemble gigantic Cheetos - really neat.

I tried the Ramen and Sweets Mix box, and it was really enjoyable. In fact, it had some of the best instant ramen packs I've ever had in my life, and I consider myself somewhat of an instant ramen expert.

The mix of treats and ramen was the perfect mix of sweet, salty, and savory, and I am really looking forward to next month!

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