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ZenPop's Beauty Pack specializes in Japanese drugstore skincare products and popular cosmetics. The pack contains 8 or more items including a few accessories. Skin brightener products are not included. The Japanese cosmetics that ZenPop's beauty pack includes are from DHC, Rosette, Shiseido and more.

Our beauty pack is for all the cosmetics lovers and for those who can't stop discovering more new beauty products!

Cosmetic shops are everywhere in Japan. People enjoy makeup and beauty care on a daily basis. Because of people’s high interest in beauty, the Japanese cosmetic market is competitive enough to let only great beauty products with affordable prices to remain.

Indeed, some foreign cosmetic brands open up their branches in Japan to see if they have a possibility to succeed here. Some good things about Japanese cosmetics at drugstores is that everything is affordable and good quality with adorable packaging.

Have you ever wondered why many Japanese look younger than their real age? Have you ever wanted to try Japanese cosmetics? Don’t hesitate to test Japanese cosmetics that may be completely new to you! We are sure that you are going to love all of the best Japanese cosmetics in our beauty pack!

* The photos are for illustrative purposes. Actual product may vary.

The items in our ZenPop packs change often. See details below about what is in the current pack. This is what you'll get if you order today!

Current Pack:
BY05 - Soft & Smooth Pack

This pack was updated on May 20th, 2017 - 8 items

  1. MUJI Toner
  2. MUJI Moisturizer
  3. cleansing accessory??
  4. Rosette Cleansing Paste
  5. Madame Juju Moisturizing Cream
  6. bath??
  7. cute accessory??
  8. Under eye sheets

This pack will make your skin glow with a healthy radiance. Everything in this pack is for you to cleanse and nourish your lovely skin. Muji products are popular in Japan but may be hard to get in many areas. Now you can try some of their popular skin care products with a double team of toner and moisturizer. Also included is a rosette cleansing paste you can use to get your skin clean and free of everything. There are 8 high quaility products for you to try in this pack. Treat that skin good and it'll be good to you!

* The photos are for illustrative purposes only. Actual product may vary.
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