Salt & Fruit Pack - Released in June 2018
Everything is about balance, including your palate.
Five Life Hack Snack Recipes That Will Make Your Life Easier
Jun 22, 2018 Tags 
Live a happy & easy snack life with these recipes.
Happy Nibbles Pack - Released in May 2018
Mini melon pan, mini butter rolls, mini cookies. Experience the best (and cutest) work of Japan’s flavor scientists.
Noodle Snack Pack - Released in May 2018
This pack was for all the noodle heads and people who love noodle heads.
Bread of Japan - 5 must tries for you
May 14, 2018 Tags 
Explore a Japanese bakery with ZenPop!
Fresh Starts Pack - Released in April 2018
Everyday is a fresh start! Have these refreshing treats to make your day.
Savory Spring Pack - Released in April 2018
Spring has come! It’s hanami season! Go picnic with the salty and savory snacks.
Otona Treats - Released in March 2018
Is it true that there are snacks that can be enjoyed by adults only?
Peach Festa Pack - Released in March 2018
What was in this Sweets Pack? Hint: 🍑
DIY Candies - Make, Play, and Eat!
Apr 02, 2018 Tags 
You love candies. You love arts. So here they are!