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Summer in Japan Pack - Released in August 2018
What was in August ZenPop stationery pack?
Hana ga Saku Pack - Released in March 2018
What was in March ZenPop stationery pack?
Cute + Charming Pack - Released in November 2017
What was in this stationery pack? A lot of cute items from Japan that will make you smile:)
Correspondence Pack - Released in October 2017
What was in October stationery Pack? Full of items to communicate with.
Be Creative Pack - Released in September 2017
What was in this stationery pack? Useful items to show your creativity!
8 Popular Stationeries in Japan
Aug 17, 2017 Tags 
Can you guess which stationery is popular in Japan? Here are 8 popular and useful stationeries!!
7 Ways to Cool Down Japanese Hot Summer
Jul 13, 2017 Tags 
Japanese summer has its own unique traditions and culture. Here are 7 things that represent Japanese summer! Our current stationery pack is themed on Japanese summer, too!
Art Contest - our bunny's travel around the world Part 2
Our bunny enjoyed traveling to European countries and some others, too!
Art Contest - our bunny's travel around the world Part 1
We can not thank you enough for entering the Giveaway and the Art Contest. As a show of gratitude, we would like to share all the art submissions here.
Unique items to get a great job?!?!
A pen helps us to get hired?! Here are some interesting stationery from Japan!
Stationery Pack - Mini Memo Japanese Lesson
Take a look at the four mini memos that were included in our Study Stationery Pack and learn about the Japanese phrases that adorn these adorable pieces of stationery.