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5 Fun Japanese Crafts To Do at Home
May 29, 2020 Tags 
Let’s explore Japanese culture with these cute stay-at-home activities!
Cute Japanese Stationery Brand: Ryu-Ryu
Mar 04, 2020 Tags 
We're really excited to introduce this new stationery brand we're working with!
Ikemen: Japan’s Cool Guys!
Apr 15, 2019 Tags 
Do you know what an Ikemen is? Hint: most male Japanese celebrities are one!
Stationery Spring Clean (With the Help of Marie Kondo)
Mar 20, 2019 Tags 
We’ve been inspired by the KonMari Method™ to organize our ZenPop stationery collection!
Bunny Rabbit Pack - Released in October 2018
What was in October's ZenPop stationery pack? 🐰
Back to School Pack - Released in September 2018
What was in September ZenPop stationery pack?
Summer in Japan Pack - Released in August 2018
What was in August ZenPop stationery pack?
Hana ga Saku Pack - Released in March 2018
What was in March ZenPop stationery pack?
Cute + Charming Pack - Released in November 2017
What was in this stationery pack? A lot of cute items from Japan that will make you smile:)
Correspondence Pack - Released in October 2017
What was in October stationery Pack? Full of items to communicate with.