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February Pack Review
What was in our February Packs?
January Pack Review
What was in our January Packs?
December Pack Review
What was in our December Packs?
November Pack Review
What was in ZenPop's November Packs??
Halloween Mix & Sweets Pack - Released in October 2018
What was in October's ZenPop Mix & Sweets Pack?
Moonlight Pack - Released in September 2018
What was in September ZenPop sweets pack?
Tea Time Pack - Released in August 2018
What was in August ZenPop sweets pack?
Summer Chill Pack - Released in July 2018
What flavors do you want in the summer? Hope you found something you needed for this season of the year in this month’s Sweets Pack.
Salt & Fruit Pack - Released in June 2018
Everything is about balance, including your palate.
Happy Nibbles Pack - Released in May 2018
Mini melon pan, mini butter rolls, mini cookies. Experience the best (and cutest) work of Japan’s flavor scientists.