Salt & Fruit Pack - Released in June 2018
Everything is about balance, including your palate.
Happy Nibbles Pack - Released in May 2018
Mini melon pan, mini butter rolls, mini cookies. Experience the best (and cutest) work of Japan’s flavor scientists.
Savory Spring Pack - Released in April 2018
Spring has come! It’s hanami season! Go picnic with the salty and savory snacks.
Peach Festa Pack - Released in March 2018
What was in this Sweets Pack? Hint: 🍑
Kouhaku Pack - Released in January 2018
What was in this Sweets Pack? RED and WHITE teams battling it our for delicious supremacy!
Old Times Pack - Released in November 2017
Have classic snacks and reminisce about the old times.
SW11 - Sweet Heart Pack - Released in October 2017
ZenPop turned 1. We love you! 💖
Festive Fall Pack - Released in September 2017
It's a bit sad since summer has gone, but fall in Japan means fun events and delicious foods. September Sweets Pack was in festive mood!
Matcha Time Pack - Released in August 2017
What was in this Sweets Pack? Everything to have a cozy matcha time!
Crunchy Bunch Pack- Released in July 2017
What was in this Sweets Pack? A bunch of crunchy snacks!