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December Pack Review
What was in our December Packs?
November Pack Review
What was in ZenPop's November Packs??
Bunny Rabbit Pack - Released in October 2018
What was in October's ZenPop stationery pack? 🐰
Back to School Pack - Released in September 2018
What was in September ZenPop stationery pack?
Summer in Japan Pack - Released in August 2018
What was in August ZenPop stationery pack?
Arigatai Pack - Released in June 2018
What was in June ZenPop stationery pack?
Fruits Basket Pack - Released in May 2018
What was in May ZenPop stationery pack? 🍓
Lucky Cat Pack  - Released in April 2018
What was in April ZenPop stationery pack?
Hana ga Saku Pack - Released in March 2018
What was in March ZenPop stationery pack?
Spirit of Japan Pack - Released in February 2017
What was in February’s ZenPop stationery pack? A lot of "Japan" stationery!
Puppy Pack - Released in January 2018
What was in January’s ZenPop stationery pack?