Cozy Lazy Pack - Released in July 2018
A beauty box full of cute Japanese Characters that will melt your heart. 💘
Travel Cute Pack - released in June 2018
Travel cute with kawaii items direct from Japan!
Feeling Fresh Pack - Released in May 2018 💙
Japan's Summer breeze is coming directly to you with the best and most famous Japanese skincare products!
Nyanko Pack - Released in April 2018
Did you know that in Japan, cats say “Nya~”?
Blooming Beauty Pack - Released in March 2018 🌸
Get ready for spring by empoworing your beauty with our box!
Golden Lady Pack - Released in January 2018 ✨
The perfect beauty products to start of the year!
BY08 - Tasty Treats Released in November 2017
Jan 31, 2018 Tags 
Nutritious food is good for your skin and stomach.
Kawaii Essentials Pack - Released in November 2017
This pack guaranteed Kawaii-er you in the most subtle, natural way!
Peachy Pack - Released in August 2017
Gimme anything related to peach🍑 Here's what was inside of Peachy Pack!
Soft and Smooth Pack - Released in June 2017
What was in this silky slinky beauty pack?