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5 Unique Potato Chip Flavours ~Selected by ZenPop~
Find your favorite from unique potato chips in Japan!!
Where are the Best Hot Springs in Japan?
Sep 14, 2018 Tags 
Japan's best onsens...according to the Japanese!
3 Famous Shaved Ice “Kakigori” in Japan
Jul 30, 2018 Tags 
Do you know what kind of shaved ices are famous in Japan?
Top-Selling Manga in Japan
Jun 18, 2018 Tags 
Manga is very popular in Japan, and tons of manga released every year. Can you guess 6 top-selling manga in Japan?
絵馬 ~How to Write Ema?~
Jun 04, 2018 Tags 
Do you know what is Ema? Let's learn how to write it!!
DIY Candies - Make, Play, and Eat!
Apr 02, 2018 Tags 
You love candies. You love arts. So here they are!
Spirit of Japan Pack - Released in February 2017
What was in February’s ZenPop stationery pack? A lot of "Japan" stationery!
Ninja in Japan?
Feb 26, 2018 Tags 
Ninja. Very cool but mysterious.
Valentine's Day in Japanese Style
Valentine's Day in Japan is a bit peculiar. Do you wanna join us?
JUNISHI -Twelve Zodiac Signs-
Have you heard about JUNISHI? It’s one of interesting Japanese culture!
OSECHI - Traditional Lucky Foods for a Happy New Year
What is "osechi"? Looks like a gorgeous bento box filled with elegant foods...?!