Part 11: What a crazy dream !
Aug 31, 2019 Tags 
This is the part 11 of Luna-chan's online manga. What kind of meaningful dream will she have?
Part 10: Shin's baito place
Jul 31, 2019 Tags 
Luna and Shin have gone out for a walk at a hydrangea park when it suddenly starts raining...
Part 9: Who's that girl
Jun 11, 2019 Tags 
Right after Luna turned into human, Shin who was looking for his bunny sees her and...
Part 8: Luna's first Hanami
May 10, 2019 Tags 
Our bunny's first hanami (flower viewing) promises to be full of surprises...
Part 7: Is it only a dream?
Apr 25, 2019 Tags 
Luna really wants to be human again, but how?
Part 6: On discovery
Apr 10, 2019 Tags 
Do you ever wonder how Luna got her name?
Part 5: The first taste of Japanese flavors
Mar 22, 2019 Tags 
Do you remember when you first tried Japanese food?
Part 4: Encounter on a rainy day
Mar 03, 2019 Tags 
It's Luna's first day on earth. Who will she first meet?
Part 3: A new world
Feb 15, 2019 Tags 
It's a new world for Luna who just arrived on earth. But wait, she's a human?
Part 2: One moon bunny's special wish
Jan 10, 2019 Tags 
Part 2 of Luna's adventures. Read about one moon bunny's special wish.