ZenPop's Spring Packs

ZenPop's Spring Packs

Mar 30, 2021 Tags 

Our new packs to celebrate the blooming sakuras!

🌸 New flavors to discover this Spring 🐰 ⁠

Our brand new #zenpopjapan cherry blossom packs are up for grabs! Choose from:⁠

✍️🐰 Stationery - Usagi Garden

🍜🤜 Ramen - Flavor Punch

🍬🌸 Sweets - Spring Swing

🍜🍖 Mix - One, Two, Barbecue


Stationery Pack - Usagi Garden


Stationery Pack


We were overwhelmed with all this cuteness when looking for our newest pack. Maruchan and Sumikko just got straight to us! Don’t you wish you could hang out with them, just for one lovely spring afternoon? Together with the cute flowers and plants to decorate your notebook, they make the perfect Usagi Garden. With a collection of stickers, sticky notes, and pens, we’ve got all the cuteness you need to develop your spring creativity:


  • Sumikko Gurashi Clear File
  • Sumikko Gurashi Memo Pad
  • Usagi no Muchan Stickers
  • Flower Vase Fusen
  • Rabbit Mini Envelope
  • PLUS more spring season stationery items!

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Ramen Pack - Flavor Punch


Ramen Pack


The best of the best. You won’t find any better instant ramen set around, unless you come visit us in Osaka. We’ve selected some of the most tasty, savoury, and yummy noodles compiled into one single box delivered straight to your doorstep. From all four corners of the countries, the ramen are guaranteed to give you a Flavor Punch. Boil the water, and let us delight you with our May Ramen Pack:


  • Gohan Ga Susumu Pork Kimchi Ramen
  • Nissin Yakisoba UFO Butter Tarako Flavor 
  • Ginza Curry Noodles Medium Spicy
  • Maruchan Tempura Soba
  • PLUS more delicious ramen!

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Mix Pack - One, Two, Barbecue


Mix Pack


Can you smell it yet? The grilled sausages, savory steaks, lovely barbecue sauce? The season is nearly upon us. We can’t wait any longer, so we’ve put our favorite barbecue snacks into this month’s pack. Equip yourself with our newest Ramen Mix Pack, and start pre-heating the grill while snacking on: 


  • Bakauke Nagoya Chicken Wings
  • Premium Umaibo Wafuu Steak Flavor
  • Chipstar Barbecue
  • Acecook Mochimugimen, Bonito, Kelp, & Dashi
  • PLUS more delicious ramen & snacks!

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Sweets Pack - Spring Swing


Sweets Pack


Getting one step closer to summer every day. Here’s your Spring Swing to catapult you to sunshine and happiness. Filled with some of the best candies available this season, our Spring Swing Sweets Pack is guaranteed to make you crave some more. Have a seat and enjoy the ride:


  • Ippudo Akamaru Potato Chips
  • Fettuccine Gummies Amaou Ichigo Flavor 
  • Matcha Sand Cookies
  • Choco Pie W Chocolates
  • PLUS more delicious snacks!

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